Successful Space Programmes under the UPA

Successful Space Programmes under the UPA



Between 2004 and 2014 India conducted 31 space missions in which it launched 6 GSLV rockets, 17 PSLV rockets and is currently developing a sophisticated GSLV MRAK III launch vehicle. The milestones include important achievements such as the Chandrayan (2008), the Mangalyan (2013) and the latest cryogenic engine equipped GSLV-DS. The details of the same are as below:-


  1. GSLV-D5 successfully launches GSAT-14 from Sriharikota (Jan 05, 2014).


  1. PSLV – C25 / Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft successfully launched from Sriharikota (Nov 05, 2013).


  2. Successful launch of GSAT-7 by Ariane-5 VA-215 from Kourou French Guiana (August 30, 2013)
  • GSAT-7 is an advanced communication satellite built by ISRO to provide wide range of service spectrum from low bit rate voice to high bit rate data communication.


  1. Successful launch of INSAT-3D by Ariane-5 VA-214 from Kourou French Guiana (July 26, 2013).


  2. PSLV – C22 successfully launches IRNSS-1A from Sriharikota (Jul 01, 2013).


  3. PSLV – C20 successfully launches SARAL and six commercial payloadsfrom Sriharikota (Feb 25, 2013).


  1. Successful launch of GSAT-10 by Ariane-5 VA-209 from Kourou French Guiana (September 29, 2012).


  2. ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C21 successfully launches SPOT 6 and PROITERES from Sriharikota (September 09, 2012).


  1. PSLV-C19 successfully launches RISAT-1 from Sriharikota (April 26, 2012).


  1. PSLV-C18 successfully launches Megha Tropiques, Jugnu, SRMSat and Vessel Sat-1 from Sriharikota (October 12, 2011).
  • Megha-Tropiques, an Indo-French satellite to study the weather and climate in the tropical region of the world;
  • SRMSat built by the students of SRM university, near Chennai;
  • Jugnu, built by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur;
  • Vesselsat from Luxembourg.


  1. PSLV-C17 successfully launches GSAT-12 from Sriharikota (July 15, 2011).
  • GSAT-12, the latest communication satellite built by ISRO, weighs about 1410 kg at lift-off. GSAT-12 is configured to carry 12 Extended C-band transponders to meet the country’s growing demand for transponders in a short turn-around-time. 


  1. Successful launch of GSAT-8 by Ariane-5 VA-202 from Kourou French Guiana, (May 21, 2011)
  • GSAT-8, India’s advanced communication satellite, is a high power communication satellite being inducted in the INSAT system.


  1. PSLV-C16 successfully launches Three Satellites – RESOURCESAT-2, YOUTHSATX-SAT from Sriharikota (April 20, 2011).




  1. GSLV-F06 launched from Shriharikota (Dec 25, 2010). GSAT-5P could not be placed into orbit as the GSLV-F06 mission was not successful.


  2. Successful launch of advanced communication satellite HYLAS (Highly Adaptable Satellite), built by ISRO on a commercial basis in partnership with EADS-Astrium of Europe, by Ariane-5 V198 from Kourou French Guiana (November 27, 2010).


  1. PSLV-C15 successfully launches Five Satellites – CARTOSAT-2BALSAT-2A, two nanosatellites-NLS-6.1 & 6.2 and a pico-satellite- STUDSAT from Sriharikota (July 12, 2010).


  1. GSLV-D3 launched from Sriharikota (Apr 15, 2010). GSAT-4 satellite could not be placed in orbit as flight testing of the Indigenous Cryogenic Stage in GSLV-D3 Mission was not successful.



  1. PSLV-C14 successfully launches Seven Satellites – OCEANSAT-2, FourCUBESAT Satellites and Two RUBIN-9 from Sriharikota (Sept. 23, 2009).


  2. PSLV-C12 successfully launches RISAT-2 and ANUSAT from Sriharikota (April 20, 2009).




  1. PSLV-C11 successfully launches CHANDRAYAAN-1 from Sriharikota (October 22, 2008).


  2. PSLV-C9
    successfully launches CARTOSAT-2A,
    and 8 foreign nano satellites from Sriharikota (April 28,2008).


  1. PSLV-C10 successfully launches TECSAR satellite under a commercial contract with Antrix Corporation (January 21, 2008).




  1. Successful launch of GSLV (GSLV-F04) with INSAT-4CR on board from SDSC SHAR (September 2, 2007).


  2. ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C8, successfully launched Italian astronomical satellite, AGILE from Sriharikota (April 23, 2007).


  3. Successful launch of INSAT-4B by Ariane-5 from Kourou French Guyana, (March 12, 2007).


  4. Successful recovery of SRE-1 after manoeuvring it to reenter the earth’s atmosphere and descend over the Bay of Bengal about 140 km east of Sriharikota (January 22, 2007).


  5. ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C7 successfully launches four satellites – India’s CARTOSAT-2 and Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE-1) and Indonesia’s LAPAN-TUBSAT and Argentina’s PEHUENSAT-1(January 10, 2007).



  1. Second operational flight of GSLV (GSLV-F02) from SDSC SHAR with INSAT-4C on board. (July 10, 2006). Satellite could not be placed in orbit. (Unsuccessful)



  1. Successful launch of INSAT-4A by Ariane from Kourou French Guyana, (December 22, 2005).


  2. ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, PSLV-C6, successfully launchedCARTOSAT-1 and HAMSAT satellites from Sriharikota(May 5, 2005).


  1. The first operational flight of GSLV (GSLV-F01) successfully launched EDUSAT from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota (September 20, 2004).



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