BJP had mislead the Nation on Black Money. Unfortunately still continues to do again.

Ajay Maken’s statement on names in the black money list
22nd October, 2014 –Congress General Secretary and Chairman, Communication department, Shri Ajay Maken today slammed the Government and the Finance Minister for bluffing and misleading the people over the issue of black money.Hitting out at Shri ArunJaitley over the Modi Government’s fluctuating stand on the issue, Shri Maken cautioned the Modi Government to refrain from indulging in acts of selective and vindictive leaking of names. If Shri Jaitley was trying to blackmail the Congress Party by such petty games, he should desist from the same, Shri Maken added.
Drawing attention to the campaign promise made by the BJP and its leaders, Shri Maken reiterated that every citizen of the country was waiting gor his/her share of Rs 15 lakhs in the black money, which had been promised to be brought back by Shri Narendra Modi. The BJP had loudly proclaimed that the account of every individual would be credited with Rs 15 lakhs and the nation eagerly awaits for Shri Narendra Modi to fulfill this promise. It is a worrying development if the BJP is trying to avoid delivering upon the promise, a major pillar of the BJP campaign, in hopes of which the people of India voter them into power.
Shri Maken said that on 17th October, 2014 the BJP government filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court of India seeking modification of the July, 2011 order of the court wherein the Court had expressly directed the Government to reveal the names of Black Money account holders.
In July, 2011 the Supreme Court had said that the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) doesn’t deter the Government to disclose the name of account holders who have stashed black money abroad.
Shri Maken said that the BJP that made Black Money a ‘prime issue’ during their election campaign and hoodwinked the people with the promise to bring it back have taken a complete volte facenow.
Referring to a newspaper report which suggested that the Modi Government will only disclose 136 out of the 800 names, Shri Maken lambasted the Government calling for a full and complete disclosure of details of such account holders.
Elaborating further on ShriJaitley’s statement made to a news channel yesterday, Shri Maken cautioned them to refrain from attempting to black-mail or threaten the Congress Party on this issue. The party was above any individual and the Government of the day should proceed against and investigate those whose names are there in the list, without being selective or vindictive, now that it had all the state machinery at its disposal and not try to subvert issues by getting into pointless filibuster.


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