Congress welcomes Supreme Courts decision: Ajay Maken’s Statement on Black Money 28th October

Shri Maken’s Statement on Black Money
28th Oct, 2014
AICC General Secretary and Chairman Communication Department Shri Ajay Maken today welcomed the order of the Supreme Court coming down heavily upon the Modi Government directing it to submit the names of all Black Money Account holders. Shri Maken said that the direction of the Supreme Court vindicated the stand being articulated by the Congress Party ever since the Government started playing this convoluted game of partial and selective leak of names.
The Government’s double speak on the matter is amply exposed in the 2 Affidavits that it put before the court. On 17th Oct, 2014, the Union Government through an Affidavit had stated to the Apex Court that it is unable to disclose the said names since it was bound by certain Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs). It revised its stand in another Affidavit submitted on the 27th, Oct, 2014 with the sole purpose of hoodwinking the Court. However, the Court had today rejected all of such devious attempts and it was a welcome step, Shri Maken said.
Shri Maken recalled that the BJP and its various leaders and supporters led by Shri Narendra Modi had himself misled the people of this country in the run up to the Lok Sabha Elections, 2014 by making promises of not only disclosing all names of Black Money Account Holders but also bringing back all the Black Money stashed abroad to the country within 100 days. While Baba Ramdev had the put the number of such account holders at 50,000 and pegged the amount stashed away at Rs. Four Lakh Crores, Shri Rajnath Singh had promised to bring back the same within 100 days. Shri Modi going further had promised to the nation to not only bring it back but also distribute Rs. 15 Lakh from there to every citizen.
Shri Maken said that the BJP’s bluff had been called fully now and advised the Government to stop playing games and come out clean on the issue.


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