Trilokpuri Communal Riots- How the BJP and AAP are Responsible?

Despite of having intelligence information from the IB for over a period of one month, The Home Ministry did not take any action.
Even after 3 days of the incident Prohibitory orders were not issued.
Cops deliberately went slow and were soft on rioters which injured 13 police men and 2 locals were severely hurt
BJP MLA Sunil Kumar Vaidya’s meeting sparked tension
Locals alleged that Sunil Kumar Vaidya instigated people for a fresh round of violence immediately after one dies down
AAP MLA’s and local leaders gave tacit support by keeping quiet.
Lieutenant Governor holidaying abroad

Pointers on Trilokpuri communal clashes
Tension between two communities was brewing for the last one month and the Intelligence agencies had alerted the Union Home Ministry accordingly. Despite of having concrete intelligence the callousness of the Union Home Ministry led to the situation going out of hand that led to the clashes and disturbed harmony of the area.
The Home ministry and the Delhi Police were inept to take preventive measures and did not plan to salvage the situation. The people of Delhi have a right to know what preventive steps were taken.
Exchange of information is meaningless if there is no political will to take action and when precedents of Uttar Pradesh are already there, the central government which is controlling Delhi by proxy has a lot to explain.
The inaction of Delhi Police during violence in Trilokpuri as a repetition of various communal riots taken place in the country, especially the poll-going states, after the BJP came to power.
Given the chronology of the incident, it appears that the Delhi Police followed its political masters and acted like mute spectator. We to understand why the deputy commissioner of the police (DCP), who has the authority to order imposition of prohibitory order on the basis of ground reports, kept waiting for the third day ignoring the volatility of the situation.
Since the Delhi Police is under the Central government, onus lies on the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The MHA should come clean why the incident was allowed to escalate and go on unabated for three days in the national capital. It should probe why initial measures to control a riot-like situation were not taken.
Role of former BJP MLA Sunil Kumar Vaidya in the entire incident is being questioned, there are credible reports that he had convened a meeting on Diwali night and trouble started only after that.
AAP – The Aam Aadmi Party which is representing the Assembly Constituencies of Trilokpuri (by Shri Raju Dhingan) and Kondli (by Shri Manoj Kumar) had kept quiet for days. It finally woke up to the occasion after the media brought the issue to light. It once shows that the AAP is only high on propaganda and short of delivery in terms of management of issues on ground.
Former Commissioner of Delhi Police Ved Marwah suspects the role of the police. “Why was sufficient number of policemen not deployed in the entire area after the Diwali night incident despite the fact that Trilokpuri is a declared sensitive location? Why was anyone allowed to lead a mob in a communally charged atmosphere? How did outsiders gather in large number in the area? Why were pickets not erected to keep a tab on the suspicious entries and exits? And most importantly, why did the police wait for the third day to impose Section 144?” he asked adding that there is “something fishy”.
Four persons have received gunshot wounds but it was not fired by us. We are trying to identify who opened fire. Ten people were arrested in this connection yesterday while 60 nabbed today for rioting in the area. The situation remains tense but is under control,” said a police official. (25th Oct, 2014)
When Police imposed prohibitory orders, we had to make arrangements for essential commodities. thankful to our Hindu brothers and sisters who have helped us in tough times– said Shameema Begum (a local resident).
According to a police officer, a matakichowki or jagran (special worship offered during Navratri) was organised in front of a mosque at the Block 15-20- 27 junction of Trilokpuri on Diwali night which was objected to by local Muslims. Heated arguments between them resulted in stone pelting and burning of a shop.
While this situation is there the lieutenant Governor is travelling abroad.
The Congress Party demands the resignation of the LG and the Home Minister for their inaction and soft attitude towards a serious situation if which the authorities had prior information.


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  1. Hello mr makan hope u say abt dis incident is correct and wid honesty but there is something wrong happening in whole country where r u and where is ur party if any hindu hit a muslim nobody cares if it reacts the same media politicians like u speaks laud and clear if any muslim died in riot it is because of congress party because they are also communal Personally i m a devoted congress suppoter and well wisher u people do nothing for da country thats why u all sit outside and most immportantly u people didnot attack full hock on goverment decision and policy there is so many gaps where u people do much more but u all are sit like a statue people dies on daily basis. At last i m sorry if my words hurt ur sentiments but i have alot to say but i don’t have platform to speak my and lots of people like me who wanted to congress do somthing for people of dis country hope u understand my felling reply wid some positive note


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