BJP on China-Only Talk no Walk

BJP on CHINA-Only talk no walk

BJP’s stand on China when in Opposition is as follows:

11th August 2013 Shri Modi in an election rally in Hyedrabad said – “China intruded into our territory, but the government, instead of forcing it to return, signed deals with it, agreeing to withdraw our own troops. It is shameful that the External Affairs Minister, despite the repeated incursions by China, went to Beijing and praised the city, going to the extent of saying that he wished he could stay there.
Raising the issue of Chinese incursion, Modi as the Gujarat Chief Minister attacked External Affairs Minister Sh. Salman Khurshid for his remarks on his visit to Beijing: “Shame, Shame Shame on You. Shame on You, who are running the government of India. You are spraying acid on the wounds of 125 crore Indians”. Source: NDTV.COM
The UPA government (should) make its policy clear as far as China is concerned and ensure that repeated incursions by PLA troops are stopped forthwith,” BJP state president and MLA Jugal Kishore Sharma J &K BJP Chief. (Source: Yahoo News India)
Shri Narendra Modi tweeted on 11th August, 2013: “India is going through a troubled situation. China intrudes our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time & again but Centre doesn’t act!”
Has the situation not worsened now six months into the BJP Government?
5th August 2013:- “From China’s intrusions to Pakistan’s ambushes-UPA Government has been absolutely lax in securing Indian Borders. When will Centre wake up?


The Chinese premier Xi –Jinping was visiting India and our bordered were being violated by the Red Army. Over 1000 Chinese soldiers stayed put in the Indian Territory at Chumar for 16 days. This is perhaps the first time in the History of Independent India that our neighbours have crossed over and occupied our territory and Government is hosting its President. This explains the grit we have in our diplomacy.
BJP which was so critical of the Union Government for not taking any action against the Chinese, came out with a unique explanation for these incursions as ‘Perception Difference’. Home Minister Rajnath Singh went on to say:-
When Shri Arun Jaitley in an interview to Times Now on 22nd Oct, 2014 was asked a question that is there a dichotomy in BJP’s position on the China issue, Shri Jaitley said that – “as far as China is concerned, on the line of actual control, China has a different perception on what the line of actual control is, India has a different perception”


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