Unprecedented Ceasefire Violations: 17 civilians killed as compared to zero last year- BJP’s dismal record in first 6 months

BJP on Pakistan- A Flip Flop on International Relations with Pakistan Costs India dearly

BJP’s stand on Pakistan when in Opposition is as follows:
11th August 2013, Shri Modi said, “This government of Delhi cannot provide security to the nation. This government, neck deep in vote bank politics, cannot provide security to our nation… When the Indian jawans were beheaded, the Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) had said that Pakistan will be accounted for it”. Again referring to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri Modi said “Now when the Pakistani Army, this week, shot dead our jawans, I want to ask the Prime Minister . He had promised that we will not tolerate such things. What is the reason that a country of 125 crore is silently tolerating when Pakistan is going back on its promise one by one?” Source: NDTV.COM
On Aug 11, 2013 Shri Modi tweeted – “India is going through a troubled situation. China intrude our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time & again but Centre doesn’t act!”
On Aug 06, 2013 Shri Modi tweeted – “From China’s intrusions to Pakistan’s ambushes- UPA Government has been absolutely lax in securing Indian borders. When will Centre wake up?”
On Aug 06, 2013 Shri Modi tweeted – “Dastardly ambush by Pakistan last night in the Chakan da Bagh area of Poonch leading to death of 5 Indian Soldiers is unacceptable.”


On August 27, 2014 Director General Border Security Force DK Pathak on Tuesday said that the cross border firing between India and Pakistan is the heaviest so far and worst after 1971 war. (Source: Indian Express).
Shri Modi made no mention of ceasefire violations in this year assembly poll – As opposition party, Modi in almost every rally raised the issue of handling of Pakistan affairs and attacked the Manmohan Singh government for failing to stop Pakistani aggression and its failure to prevent loss of precious lives on the border areas. The BJP’s PM candidate had boldly said that ‘one needs a 56-inch chest’ to stop Pak’s aggression. But now he seems to have forgotten this rhetoric because of the huge failure of present government in tackling Paikstan.
Ironically, on the contrary, when we are airing our concerns at the unprecedented loss of civilian lives and ceasefire violations at the IB/LOC; on Oct 09, 2014, the Urban Development Minister Shri Venkaiah Naidu said that the opposition is politicizing ceasefire violations by Pakistan. Source: ANI
Unprecedented, more than 400 Ceasefire Violations have taken place this year. Source: Indian Express
17 civilians have been killed this year alone as compared to zero casualty last year and also in 2011.


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