Robert Vadra Issue-Just Before the Elections BJP uses Media-Papers go Missing in Morning found back in the Evening


December 20th, 2014: For the last several months, there has been a sustained campaign to defame and tarnish the reputation of Shri Robert Vadra. Solely for political reasons, baseless allegations are being levelled with a media trial against Shri Vadra. In light of this ceaseless assault, we feel compelled to place certain facts and statements on public record.

“I. Even after assumption of power at the Centre by BJP on May 17th 2014 after the National General elections, it was alleged that since the Congress Government of Haryana was involved, they couldn’t proceed with the investigations as the land is the State Subject with the Government in Haryana. This excuse too has become irrelevant in the last two months.

Yesterday, a day before polling was to take place in Jharkhand, certain sections of the media began carrying articles to the effect that two pages in a file (related to appointment of a committee) had gone missing. This news report in certain section of the print media was then used certain TV media as the headlines on the eve of important state elections in Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir; and gave many people the opportunity to malign Shri Vadra and the previous Congress government without any evidence.

But today a national daily claims that the papers have been found – Barely a day after they went ‘missing’. It was also stated that the officials have said that the papers contained nothing substantial. This non-event was used, on the eve of an election, to destroy a person’s reputation just because he is related to a political family.

Most importantly statement of the Chief Secretary of Haryana appeared today that six months ago, in response to an RTI application, the entire file had been released into the public domain – during the tenure of the Congress Government.

The Public should be made aware of this fact that it was the Congress Government which released the entire file and that we have never shied away from our responsibility when in Government.

I want to now ask the current Government how could the papers have gone missing under your watch when barely six months ago we released the entire file, unedited, into the public domain? As a result of a State’s purported negligence or a deliberate mischievous ploy, an individual was unfairly named and shamed just because of his relationship with a political family.

Similarly, even before the elections in Rajasthan, the BJP carried out a systematic and sustained campaign against Shri Vadra to mislead the innocent electorate of Rajasthan to vote for the BJP. It has now been one year since the BJP came to power in the State of Rajasthan yet no new facts, let alone any evidence, has been produced before the public.

II. Finally, I take this occasion to ask my friends in the media, to introspect on whether they are being used, whether deliberately or inadvertently, to further a particular political agenda. A limited political campaign is being furthered through the means of the media. I leave it to our friends to decide if this is the direction they want our democracy to go.

In light of the fact that many of you were quick to carry the story of the missing papers yesterday, I would request that you now give equal space to this new story which relates to the papers having been found and the relentless –and baseless- smear campaign being carried out against a particular individual.

I would also encourage the party in power to follow a path of constructive and positive politics. I would urge them to refrain from such narrow agendas which may serve them well in the short term but do enormous harm to a private person’s reputation, violating all norms of decency in the political sphere.”


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