Swine Flu attaining dangerous Proportions

Epidemic like situation, Modi Government without an action plan!!
Unprecedented 407 deaths in past 41 days mostly in BJP ruled states.
5157 reported swine flu cases in last 41 days.
In Delhi, one out of every 6 patients being tested for swine flu is tested positive.
Private clinics are charging anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9000 per case for diagnostics of swine flu.
In December last year, Union health Budget was slashed by Rs. 6000 crores.
No adequate testing facilities available. In Government hospitals, test reports are taking up to 7 days (Rajendra Rahtore, Health Minister, Government of Rajasthan).
No protective gears are available for health workers.
Shortage of Tami Flu medicine in Government hospitals.
Government has taken no steps to spread awareness in this regard.
In addition to the above, many countries have issues advisories to tourists planning travel to India and in absence of the Government not having any plan of action, the tourism industry in India will be affected adversely.
In absence of any concrete action-plan the Government is trying to down-play the situation.
Out of 1,248 people tested positive for the virus, 109 have died in the state from January 1. Of the 33 districts in Rajasthan, 29 are affected with swine flu. (Report dated 11th Feb, 2015)
According to state government sources, the death toll in swine flu since January 1 in Gujarat today rose to 98 with 10 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.
110 new cases registered during the day, the total number of positive cases in the state went up to 951. (Report dated 11th Feb, 2015)
Mumbai City
16 people from Mumbai, including seven children, tested positive for swine flu in the last 24 hours. (Report dated 12th Feb, 2015)

Highlights of the Press briefing                                    Held at 1615 hrs 13.02.2015

Shri Ajay Maken addressed the media today.
Ineffective handling of epidemic like situation in Delhi by Modi government
Shri Ajay Maken explained how the BJP-led NDA government has been without any action plan to face the epidemic like situation in the form of Swine flu in Delhi. He further compared the present situation with the situation Delhites had faced in 2009 when there was Congress-led UPA and how effectively the then government had been able to handle the situation. In this connection, a note on the subject was circulated to the media highlighting the statistics arising out of the ineffective handling of the epidemic like situation by Modi-led government.
Shri Maken added that in spite of the warning by the WHO, unfortunately the guidelines of the WHO – “window of opportunity to act is very short. May have less than three weeks to start anti-viral and non-pharmaceutical measures after index cluster is detected which was detected in the first week of January 2015. Contrary to this, Shri Maken said that the NDA government had slashed the health budget to the tune of Rs. 6,000 crore. He further raised the issue as to how the BJP led government had been able to issue advertisements running into the full and/or half pages in national dailies during the recently concluded election and why the BJP-led government is insensitive to the health of the Delhites. This is a clearly a case of criminal negligence on the part of the government of India. The government did not pay attention towards making available the medicines or the vaccination for which reason it has taken proportion of epidemic. We hope that the government will make proper arrangements for availability of vaccination and also the medicines. Testing facilities should also be introduced by the government in the government hospitals. Awareness drive is also seen missing which is tarnishing the image of India.
For the safety of the media, Shri Maken announced that a health camp will start functioning in the AICC Campus from tomorrow (12 noon onwards) and the media persons will be given priority in providing the vaccination and since the vaccination was limited, it has been decided to start providing the same as per alphabetical order.
On the question of the reaction of the Congress party on the fact that 10 lakh suit worn by Mr. Modi is going to be auctioned by them and the proceeds will be utilized towards ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’, Shri Maken said this all depends on them and we have no comments to offer on this but we definitely wish to request the Modi government to pay attention to the epidemic like situation in Delhi and take concrete steps lest it takes a dangerous proportion. Shri Maken further added that on one hand the government has a will to spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees on advertisements during the recently concluded Delhi assembly election whereas on the other hand they have slashed the health budget to the extent of Rs. 6,000 crores. The government needs to pay attention to take effective steps to stop this epidemic like situation. Many people have died and many have tested positive.  They don’t need to auction their suit; they need to change their mindset.
On the question whether the Congress party has taken note of the statements issued by Smt. Sheila Dikshit and Shri Sandeep Dikshit alleging Congress leaders for party’s debacle in Delhi Assembly elections and if any action is contemplated against them, Shri Maken said I don’t want to offer any comment on this since yesterday Congress President had told Mr. Chacko who has also said yesterday that Congress leaders should not say anything as far as Delhi is concerned on               public platform and on Smt. Sheila Dikshit’s statement, as I have said, I will personally seek an appointment with her. I will personally go and meet her and find out where we went wrong if she feels as such so that we can take care that in future such lapses do not occur.  Shri Maken also said that even after Congress President has said that restraint should be shown, if someone is not following Congress President’s orders or advise, then I think it is for the concerned people in the party to look at it and take appropriate action and decision.
To another question as to what went wrong where, Shri Maken said it is an extension of the mandate of 2013 Assembly elections. I think the electorate of Delhi wanted to give Kejriwal full 5 years’ term to prove the success of his government and they thought 49 days were not sufficient. Everyone voted for him.

(Tom Vadakkan)
Communication Deptt.


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