Kejriwal manufacturing crises to hide his Failures

Kejriwal manufacturing crises to hide his Failures

 Look at the table to see a decline in VAT Tax Collection Growth in last Six Months from 10.03% to 1.75%

On 23rd July, 2015 Shri Manish Sisodia wrote to the Home Ministry that he would like to represent the administration in the Joint Cadre Control Authority (JCCA).
However, his request was rejected by the Cadre Control Panel on the ground that no politician can be a member of the Joint Cadre Control Authority and it is an administrative setup of only IAS Officers and therefore Delhi Government should send it’s Chief Secretary.
However, very shockingly in the Cadre Control meeting held on 24th July, 2015, the Government of Delhi didn’t send any representative (not even the CS) to state its stand on what officers it wants to retain and other Cadre related issues.
We wonder that on one hand Shri Kejriwal has been crying foul that he is not been allowed to function and recruit officers of his choice to run the Delhi administration, however, in reality his Government is deliberately boycotted important meetings where such decisions are to be made. These are manufactured crises in form of media stunts. In reality, the Kejriwal Government is least interested in giving serious governance to the people of Delhi.
We also want to ask if such unfortunate events pertaining to Delhi Administration are taking place due to trust deficit between the ruling party & its officers and will the same add to the plight of the general public caught between the Centre-State tussle?
Further, this incident can’t be seen in isolation and evidently there is an exclusive Kejriwal ‘pattern’ in such events. It started right after Kejriwal came into power with the sole agenda to only do “stunts”, a result of which the people of Delhi are suffering. The first instance was when he tried to create crises during the appointment of the Chief Secretary of Delhi – when the name of a very junior officer (Shri Ramesh Negi who is a serving Chief Secretary Arunachal Pradesh was suggested for the post by Shri Kejriwal). Subsequently, the same modus operandi was seen in the case of Shakuntala Gamlin – wherein Kejriwal was playing victim of politics, despite the fact that Shri Sisodia had himself cleared Gamlin’s name for the post of CS. And finally the pattern continued in case of the appointment of Swati Maliwal. The Kejriwal Government made a huge and said they are being suppressed, however, later media reports suggested that Swati Maliwal’s fight was never sent for the approval of the LG (a mere formality which was later completed).


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