MANIFESTO 2015-16 


 The more one does, the more one attempts, the more one is capable of doing.

                                                                                                – Indira Gandhi



The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) stands tall as the largest democratic and secular organization in the world with three million plus registered members, more than a lakh elected office bearers and fifty thousand college committees across the country. We have been motivating the young minds and leading the torch of student activism since our inception on 9th April, 1971 and today, under the able guidance and leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi, NSUI has successfully transformed itself into the only student’s organization in the country which has institutionalized Internal Democracy. We have been and will always be in the forefront to protect the rights and interests of student community.


Delhi University is one of the most prestigious universities of our country, known for its high standards in teaching and research. Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) forms an integral part of the campus life here. Through DUSU, NSUI is committed towards transforming DU into an institution where students’ minds are engaged not just to gain higher grades but are encouraged often to come up with original thought, in an atmosphere that is friendly, inclusive and truly representative of India’s diversity and cosmopolitan character.


For NSUI, a Manifesto is not a catalogue of promises and pledges to be forgotten after elections. It is a road map to be followed diligently and meticulously all through the year. It is an agenda on which progress must be reported to the students of Delhi University, regularly, in a transparent manner. In this spirit, NSUI is releasing the Manifesto for DUSU elections 2015-16.


NSUI’s Plan of Action


Rollback of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)


NSUI has taken the fight against forceful implementation of the Draconian CBCS to every college of Delhi University through class to class campaign and garnered huge support of students. We believe that the CBCS seeks to violate the very idea of pluralism and heterogeneity that is the bedrock of India as a nation. It is designed to take away the autonomy of all central universities, which has been granted by the respective acts of the Parliament and statutes and ordinances therein. Moreover, the stakeholders i.e. the teachers and the students have not been taken in the loop at all before implementing it. The CBCS has already begun to choke the vitality of higher education through massive job cuts and prefabricated ideas in syllabus.


No two universities in the world teach same syllabus yet CBCS leaves the Universities with no choice but to follow a uniform pattern of Courses and syllabi. This would rob every University of its USP and specialization. Common syllabus imposed by the UGC deprives the teachers from their basic right to frame the syllabus and makes the whole process bureaucratic and centralized. It will not be an exaggeration to call CBCS, Center Based Credit System.


CBCS is also a misnomer because instead of increasing the number of choices with respect to the subject papers, the same have been limited to 14. In an attempt to mislead the student community, it is being falsely projected by the government that students will have flexibility of opting for different combination of courses and also of joining different institution for different credit courses. When, the number of courses is reduced to 14 and the syllabus pre-decided for all the educational institutions, the promise of ‘Choice’ is farcical.


BJP Government has slashed the educational budget by Rs.14088.59. Higher Education budget has been reduced by Rs.1479 crore which is also an indication of how the government wants to withdraw subsidies from the education sector and wants conversion of existing Central Universities into private Universities. The present government is only implementing CBCS in government universities which will clearly benefit the private Universities as they will have the freedom to design and adopt attractive courses while government institutions will be deprived of choice, discretion, creativity and innovation.


Under CBCS, at a later stage, for taking admission in Universities across the country a student will have to appear in a Common Entrance Test. This will increase the number of applicants to Delhi University from 2,00,000 to 20,00,000. Thus, increasing the difficulty in securing a seat.


NSUI believes that ‘Choice’ emanates from pluralism, diversity and blooming of varieties of ideas in an environment that is free of fear, intimidation and excessive control. We demand nothing less than the total withdrawal of the draconian CBCS.



Right to Accomodation


NSUI started the movement for ensuring Right to Accommodation for all out station students of DU last year. We are well aware of the fact that DU draws lakhs of students every year, from every nook and corner of our country. But, because of the dearth of Hostels, they are not provided with a residence by their respective colleges. We expect the university to fulfill this basic needs its students. Unfortunately, Delhi University brutally disappoints, when it comes to providing accommodation for its students.

Section 33 of the Delhi University Act makes it compulsory to provide accommodation for the students of the University. It speaks of a residence, health and discipline board to examine such residence. There are only about 9,000 hostel seats available for the estimated 1.8 lakh students enrolled with DU. Due to the huge crunch, many students are forced to take up alternative accommodations, which mean shelling out more money, as well as living amid security concerns.


DU has about 95 acre of barren land, NSUI wants DU administration to use this land for building more hostels. Also, until the above hostels are ready for accommodation, administration must take neighboring private structures on lease to provide secure accommodation for the students, give students the option of subsidised accommodation in areas adjoining their colleges and set up a Grievance redressal mechanism (helpline number, legal cell etc ) for the same. NSUI wants the government concerned to bring changes in the Delhi Rent Control Act so that the rent is regulated and students are not harassed and financially exploited by landlords.


Student Representative in Governing Body


NSUI wants to ensure that students have a proactive role in the decision making process of colleges and therefore, demands that a student representative be made member of Governing Body of every college as there are Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Representatives.




Student Charter


NSUI demands that a Student Charter should be made by DU encompassing all the Rights and Entitlements of Delhi University students related not just to the colleges but all the departments of DU, like the Examination Branch, Dean Student Welfare etc. A board containing relevant portions of this charter should be put in the main buildings of all the colleges, departments and faculties. For e.g. – Points like the time limit prescribed for revaluation, delivery of duplicate mark-sheet etc should be put up outside the Examination Branch.


North East Student Cell


As per the 2012 MHRD guidelines, every college of Delhi University must constitute a Cell to work for the welfare of students from the North East. NSUI demands that such a Cell must be recognized by all the colleges of DU and should be made operational without exception. Also, a Grievance redressal mechanism should also be institutionalized in DU with channels in each college and department with a common Helpline number.


Measures for Female Students’ Safety and Security


To make DU safe and secure for girls, NSUI demands installation of CCTV cameras in and around all colleges and also at all the vulnerable points in all the five campuses of DU. Lady constables should be deployed outside colleges and at piqueting points. NSUI will ensure that that colleges have fully functional Committee against sexual harassment and a Women Development Centre in every college. Also, one of the elected College Union Office-bearers must be made member of the Committee Against Sexual Harassment in all the colleges so as to give adequate representation to students in such a grave concern of theirs.


Physical and Academic Infrastructure for Specially Abled Students


NSUI demands that in order to make DU a convenient place for specially abled students, different infrastructural and academic facilities must be created in colleges, departments, faculties and other important places. This would include building of ramps not just at the entrance but also to facilitate movement towards higher floors, lifts, special toilets and availability of Braille Software and special computers for visually challenges students.


Incentives for Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities Students


A student comes to Delhi for his or her holistic development. Sports and Extra-Curricular activities like debates, dramatics, music, fine arts etc, form an inevitable part of such a process. NSUI demands that in order to incentivize participation and achievements in Sports and Extra-Curricular activities amongst undergraduates, substantial relaxation in admission to Post Graduation courses should be given to those students of DU who have won laurels in inter-college and inter-university level competitions.




Student Council


NSUI believes that in order to identify and solve problems of students from all the different colleges of DU at a micro level, more student representation is needed. NSUI proposes setting up of a students council that would include the elected President/representative of all colleges, of various extra-curricular societies along with Executive Council of DUSU and four elected DUSU office bearers. This council can meet once a month and discuss pertinent issues of different colleges and work collectively to resolve those issues.


Appointment of Teaching Faculty


NSUI demands that the University Authorities should appoint permanent teachers to fill up 4,000 vacant posts immediately in order to provide adequate teaching staff in various colleges. According to the UGC guidelines, student-teacher ratio at Post Graduate level should be 12:1 and at Undergraduate level should be 20:1. But, none of the colleges, faculties, departments can follow these guidelines as 4,000 permanent posts are vacant in DU.



This Academic Session, NSUI will focus on burning issues of all the campuses of Delhi University that are the root cause of suffering for innumerable Delhi University students and would try to pressurize DU administration in taking effective measures for their resolution.





The University authorities have started charging Rs.35,000 for booking Shri Shankar Lal Auditorium in North Campus for one day. Since, it is very difficult for students to pay such exorbitant booking amount, NSUI demands subsidizing the booking amount of this auditorium for regular students/student groups/societies/organisations.


Hindu College


NSUI supports the demand of Paperless and Noiseless DUSU campaign put forth by the students of Hindu college. We hope other student organisations will also follow suit.


Hansraj College


It seems like the college administration is hell bent on curbing the freedom and autonomy of the students at all costs. Students are denied entry and access to front lawns, corridors and the LP area in free time. Female students are subjected to moral policing as attempts are being made by the administration to regulate their dressing sense. Also, there us dearth of water coolers with RO technology. NSUI promises the students of Hansraj college that we would fight this injustice together.


Kirorimal College


It is extremely surprising that the auditorium of one of the most a renowned colleges of DU has been shut for almost a decade. It is very easy to imagine the plight of students of Kmc, especially those belonging to societies like Players, Debsoc, Musoc, FAPS. NSUI demands that the renovation of this auditorim must be completed by the college administration with immediate effect.

Looking at the problems faced by the students of KMC, NSUI demands that the projectors in the seminar room must be made functional, the college must introduce online fee submission like other colleges so that students do not have to waste time standing in long queues, the NSS room, which can collapse any day, must be renovated, fashion society should be registered, the number of girls toilet must be increased and access to the library should not ne denied after semester exams on the pretext that answer-sheets are being checked there.

NSUI also stands with the students of KMC in their demand for a Girls’ Hostel and capacity expansion of the existing Boys’ Hostel.





NSUI supports the students of SRCC college in demanding timely renovation of their auditorium, installation more water coolers with RO purifiers and ATM machine within college premises.


Khalsa College


The students of Khalsa College have been complaining about the high fee structure. NSUI demads that the fees being charged by must be brought on par with that of other colleges. It has come to our knowledge that the sports ground has been leased out by the college to third party because of which it is inaccessible to students. NSUI demands that the students should be allowed to access sports ground. Also, complaints about not inadequate faculty must be looked into with immediate effect.


Law Faculty


Students of Law Fac are demanding to open a canteen in the premises of Campus Law Centre and Law Centre1, availability of a Sports ground, mre water coolers and improving the building of LC1. NSUI stands with the students in their demands.


Miranda House


Miranda House girls are primarily concerned with the safety and security of female students in campus. As mentioned above NSUI has put up a few demands relating to the same concern.


Ramjas College


As per the feedback from the college students, NSUI demands more Hindi medium books in the college library, more RO water coolers, better infrastructure in classrooms and more hygienic toilets.




As a resukt of the continuous struggle of NSUI through class to class campaign, protests and hunger strikes, The delhi government was forced to start a New U-Special from Moti Lal College to INA. We promise to get more U-Specials for south Campus.


NSUI demands two Bus pass counters to be opened in each college of South Campus.


Most of the colleges of South Campus are facing certain common problems of scarcity of hostels, RO water coolers, lack of sanitation, parking and canteen issues. NSUI will leave no stone unturned in pressurizing the college and university administration to resolve these issues.


Motilal College


There are many infrastructural problems in this college. The new building lacks proper furniture in the classrooms, there is only one washroom and one water cooler in the entire building. NSUI demands the college administration to look inti these issues and resolve them immediately.




Most of the colleges in West Campus face infrastructural problems. Lack of Hostels, Sports facilities and availability of clean, cold drinking water are the major concerns. NSUI promises full support.





Shraddhanand College


One of the foremost concerns in this college is the entry of outsiders who create law and order problem. NSUI demands that with the help of Delhi Police the college administration should stop anti social elements and miscreants from entering the college and creating an atmosphere.


Aditi College


NSUI demands the college authorities to resolve the issues related with canteen and scarcity of water coolers with RO in the college.


Rajdhani College


NSUI wants that the students demands relating to lack of cold drinking water, sanitation and good canteen should be met immediately.





The students of this campus face common problems relating to infrastructure, sanitation, sports facilities, hostel accommodation, water coolers and parking. NSUI stands firm in its resolve to get these problems rectified.


Dyal singh College


NSUI demands that the library of Dyal Singh Morning College should be opened at 8.30, when the college starts, and not 10.30 so that students get enough time to consult and read books. There is no teacher-in-charge appointed for courses like Computer science, Life Sciences and Physical Science. Because of severe lack of infrastructure, after OBC expansion, students are forced to study in the open amphitheater. In the last few months there have been cases of food poisioning because of canteen food. The placement cell is defunct and cold drinking water is unavailable. NSUI, together with the students would get these problems rectified.


PGDAV College


NSUI supports the demand of students to have an auditorium in the college. Also, vehicle thefts are on a rise which should be checked with the help of Delhi Police. Again, more water coolers with RO need to be installed. 




Vivekananda College


Students complain that the food served in the canteen is unhygienic, lack of sports facilities as sports ground is never maintained, washrooms are perpetually dirty. NSUI demands the college authorities to look into the complaints and find solutions. 


Shyamlal College


Students demand more transparency in allotment of college funds. In this regard NSUI demands the college authorities to make their entire budget online. The principal promised an air conditioned canteen but has not fulfilled the promise. The library has no reading room, there is no boys common room, the projectors installed in class rooms have never been used and there is only one water cooler in the college. These are grave concerns of the students of this collge and NSUI demands the college authorities to take immediate notice and resolve the same.



Some of Our Recent Achievements



• Construction of Rajiv Gandhi Girls Hostel Complex which started during the time of NSUI led DUSU in 2005 was completed and made available to students from 2012 onwards.


• In 2010, NSUI took up the issue of making Answer Sheets available to the students on demand through RTI. As a result, the matter was taken up by the Supreme Court and a favorable judgment was given. 


• Successful implementation of 27% reservation for OBC students in Delhi University since 2011.


• North Eastern Working Women’s Hostel was constructed at Jasola Vihar and made operational.


On our persistent demand, Government of India promised the allotment of land to build a hostel for North-East students in South Campus in 2011.


With the continuous efforts of NSUI led DUSU, university was forced to increase the DUSU fund from Rs.3.6 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs in 2012 to enable more activities and growth of the student welfare.


• Due to NSUI’s interminable efforts towards safety and security of female students, Delhi Police was forced to deploy one lady constable outside every girls’ college in Delhi University.


• NSUI has made sustained agitations and demonstrations for more hostels, special chance, revaluation and stopping racial discrimination.


• Because of the constant demands and protests of NSUI, College canteens in Delhi University are now providing large variety of food items at subsidized rates.




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