Call Drop on Mobile Networks- Delhi Congress Memorandum to TRAI Chairman

8TH September, 2015To,



Memorandum on behalf of Delhi Congress

As per TRAI, Call drops have jumped two-fold on 2G networks and by 65 percent on 3G networks in the first quarter of 2015, as compared for the first quarter of the preceding year 2014.

The National Capital is the most severely hit due this clampdown of the communication network. While as per TRAI norms, the call drop rate of any service provider should not exceed 2%, as per audit report findings of TRAI dated 21.07.2015, in Delhi, dropped calls were as high as 17 per cent. But these are just statistics and case studies, we fear the situation on ground is much worse.

Accordingly we submit the following:

1) Any call which is terminated untimely and without the will of the consumer(s)/ user(s), should be categorized as a ‘dropped call’.

2) The above-mentioned figures w.r.t. calls in Delhi unveils sheer negligence and failure to provide basic mobile facilities on behalf of cellular operators.

3) It is our humble proposal that TRAI may do a weekly revision and analysis of call drop rates of all mobile companies heavy monthly penalty should be levied upon all operators which flout the TRAI norms and the network wherein call drops are more than 2%.

4) That the ‘Consultation Paper on Call Drops’ floated by TRAI will further defer the effective remedial steps which can be immediately taken by the TRAI in view of the call drops data available with the authority. Therefore, we urge TRAI to impose mandatory compensation for all mobile users as per the percentage of call drops on their network. This will be an effective alternative and prompt remedy to the ailing mobile users.

5) That despite of making windfall profits, the cellular operators have failed to invest in upgradation of technology and infrastructure. Where on one hand, globally network technologies are being replaced by efficient alternatives such as the Distributed Antenna System (DAS), heterogeneous networks etc., majority of cellular operators in India have failed to make the required technology upgradations.

6) Thousands of illegal towers have cropped up in residential areas, near school buildings and hospitals, at the same time there are concerns in the society that these towers have potential health risks. In view of the same, there is a strong desire for a National Tower Policy.

7) In respect to the National Capital – newspaper reports have suggested that mobile companies in connivance with the municipal authorities have been openly flouting norms w.r.t. installation of towers. Most of these unauthorised towers, allowed by the MCD(s) itself are now being removed. The lack of planning and illegal conduct both by the MCD(s) and the Cell Phone operators has made the common mobile user suffer. TRAI must inquire in these irregularities on behalf of cell-phone operators and appropriate penalty must be levied for the same.

We sincerely request that Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to kindly consider the above suggestions and take necessary steps in the interest of the consumers.

(Ajay Maken) (Sharmishtha Mukherjee) (Aman Panwar)

(Prerna Singh) (Rinku Jayant) (Abhishek Dutt)


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