Even though the population of the Country has increased from 35 Crores to 125 Crores in the last sixty years and we had to face three wars, today we have become a World Economic Power. This has been possible because of the foresightedness, clear cut vision, dedication and devotion of the great Congress leaders like Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Smt. Indira Gandhi and Sh. Rajiv Gandhi. There is no other country in the world which can boast of having made such progress. Though India possess only about 2.4 per cent of the total land area of the world she has to support about 17% of the world population. On the other hand USA with 6.6 per cent of the total land area of the world has to support about 4.5% of the world population .It is because of the rising population that we are unable to show our real progress. If we were to make a comparison of growth of Per Capita Income of USA vis a vis India we are much better placed. The Population of USA has doubled from around 15 crores in 1950 to 30 crores in 2010, its Per Capita has grown by 3 times. Whereas India’s population grew by around 4 times during this period and its Per Capita income grew by 7 times. As such our rate of growth is almost twice that of USA.


India today is the third most powerful in economic indices. Today we have the largest road network in the world. We are the 7th largest energy producer and the 5th largest energy consumer in the world. India is the second larger exploiter of wind energy in the world after USA. Between 1951 and today we have changed from importer of food grains to exporter of food grains, from importer of consumer goods to exporter of consumer goods. Today we not only provide technology, know- how, to a number of countries but also the skilled manpower. With a user base of 120 million we are the world’s third largest internet market. India produces the second largest pool of educated and skilled man power in the world The literacy rate among females at time of Independence was only 7.9% and that in Males was 25.0%. Today in females it has increased to 65.5 % and that in Males to 82.1%. In the last sixty years the number of Primary Schools have increased by 275%, Middle Schools by 2292%, High Schools by 2232%, University by 2200%. With the advent of planning, extension of hospitals and medical facilities there is a sharp decline of death rate to a level of 7.2 per thousand from 18.0 per thousand at the time of Independence. The expected life of a female at time of Independence was 40.6 years today it is 69.6 yrs (As per 2009 figures). The expected life of male at Independence was 41.9 years and today it is 67.3 yrs. Registered Medical Practioners in 1950-51 was 61,800 today they are more than 10 lakhs. The Railway route electrified in last 60 years has increased by 4970%, freight transport by 891%, and passenger movement by 493%. The Road length between 2011 and 1951 has increased by around 43 lakh Kms. The number of Registered Vehicles are more than 15 crores an increase by 4626% in the last 60 years. The rate of branch bank expansion is unparallel anywhere else in the world. Since 1969 after Bank Nationalisation there has been 1075% increase in number of branches. Our Finished Steel Production has increased during 1951 and today by 7,400%, Cement by 8,000%, Crude Oil by 12,500 %, Electricity Generated increased by 15,802%. Today 99% of Indian Population is covered by Radio and TV. This has enabled the Country to remain united even though each State has its own dialect, culture, traditions.


The Congress Governments have stood the test of time. Mrs Indira Gandhi as a dynamic leader showed to the world that India cannot be taken lightly. Not only Mrs Gandhi broke Pakistan into two parts and thus saved the Country of the fear of its Border being attacked from the Eastern Side but also by making 90,000 to 93,000 Pakistan Army surrender before the Indian Army created History. Never before in the History of the World have 90,000 soldiers or more of any Nation laid down their Arms before any other country. It was because of the courage, boldness, foresightedness of Mrs Indira Gandhi Sikkim an Independent Country on 16th May 1975 merged on its own with India to become the 22nd State of India.

It was Mrs Indira Gandhi strong Leadership who could not be cowed down even by the strong Nations like USA. On 18th May 1974 when India carried out its First Peaceful Nuclear Test at Pokhran India joined the Nuclear Countries. There was lot of hue and cry from USA and other European Nations, they also imposed Economic sanctions but Mrs Gandhi courageous leadership, foresightedness was not deterred by the world’s attitude. Today we have a strong Defence capable of taking any country in the world.

Mrs Indira Gandhi was always ready to take bold decisions. She abolished the Privy Purses and carried out Nationalisation of Banks a progressive and socialist step. Her act of abolition of Privy Purses and Nationalisation of Banks was struck down by the Honble Supreme Court. Mrs Indira Gandhi was not deterred by this. Her absolute resolute, determination, devotion for the poor inspired her to get the Constitution Amended through Parliament and thereby give Abolition Of Privy Purses and Nationalisation of Banks a legal validity.


The Congress Governments have always been concerned for the welfare of the masses. Poverty elimination and inclusive growth are the top most priority for the welfare of every state. To meet these socio-developmental objectives, the Congress Governments have introduced a number of welfare schemes with special emphasis on helping the poor, destitute women, children, Schedule castes and Schedule tribes, Other Backward Classes, physically handicapped, widows and orphans, literate and illiterate poor, rural and urban. Some of the important welfare schemes brought by the Congress Governments are:


Congress Government introduced The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) so as to provide a lawful assurance for 100 days of service in each fiscal year to mature members of every rural family eager to do community work. This scheme operation in 626 districts of the country was initiated with an intend of betterment of the purchasing power of the rural inhabitants, chiefly partially or un-skilled employment existing in rural India. Approximately 1/3rd of the fixed work power is women. Employment is provided within fifteen days of request for job, if not so then every day joblessness grant as per the rule. Work must generally be given inside five km of village radius. If the work is given outside the five km, extra pay of ten percent is allocated to convene extra moving & living expenditure. Both men & women are to be given same wages. Work place amenities like crèche, consumption water, and shadow are also arranged at the place of work.


Given that India has been historically a populous and poor country, the need of proper housing for the refugees and villagers has always been a focus of Congress Government’s welfare schemes since the time of India’s independence. As a result various welfare schemes like House Sites Construction Assistance Scheme have been ongoing since the 1950s. However, it was only under Indira Awaas Yojanas a focussed fund to provide housing for the rural poor in India Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, freed bonded labourers, minorities and non-SC/ST rural households in the BPL category, widows and next-of-kin to defence personnel/paramilitary forces killed in action (irrespective of their income criteria), ex-servicemen and retired members of paramilitary forces residing in rural areas was created. It is one of the major programs of the Congress Governments to construct houses for Below Poverty Line population in the villages. Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided for construction of houses. The houses are allotted in the name of the woman or jointly between husband and wife. The broad purpose of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to some of the weakest sections of society for them to upgrade or construct a house of respectable quality for their personal living. The vision of the government is to replace all temporary (kutchcha) houses from Indian villages by 2017. Sanitary latrine and smokeless chullah are required to be constructed along with each IAY house for which additional financial assistance is provided from Total Sanitation Campaign and Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana respectively.


Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana is a rural development programme launched by the Central government in India in the financial year 2009-10 for the development of villages having a higher ratio (over 50%) of people belonging to the scheduled castes. This plan is considered ambitious as it aimed to bring a number of development programs to the villages. Some of these programs are Bharat Nirman, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana for rural roads, water supply, housing, electrification. This program is applicable to around 44,000 villages which have a scheduled castes population above 50%.


The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya scheme was introduced by the Congress Government in August 2004, then integrated in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan program, to provide educational facilities for girls belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, minority communities and families below the poverty line in Educationally Backward Blocks. Nearly 3,6 lakh girls are studying in over 3500 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya which are residential schools for girls in class VI to VIII in the educationally backward blocks of India. Of them 29% are SCs, 26% STs, 26%OBC, 9% Muslims and 10% belonging to BPL families..


On the initiative of the Congress Party Government introduced a health insurance scheme for the Indian poor. It provides for cashless insurance for hospitalisation in public as well private hospitals. The scheme started enrolling on April 1, 2008 and has been implemented in 25 states of India. More than 23 million families have been enrolled. Every “below poverty line” family holding a yellow ration card pays 30 registration fee to get a biometric-enabled smart card containing their fingerprints and photographs. This enables them to receive inpatient medical care of up to 30,000 per family per year in any of the empanelled hospitals. Pre-existing illnesses are covered from day one, for head of household, spouse and up to three dependent children or parents.


Swavalamban Yojana seeks to provide pension scheme to the unorganised sector in India. It is applicable to all citizens in the unorganised sector who join the New Pension System administered by the Interim Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. Under the scheme, Government will contribute Rs. 1000 per year to each New Pension System account opened in the year 2010-11 and for the next three years, that is, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14. The benefit will be available only to persons who join the NPS with a minimum contribution of Rs. 1,000 and maximum contribution of Rs. 12,000 per annum.


The Midday Meal Scheme introduced by the Congress Governments is the popular school meal programme. It involves provision of free lunch on working days in schools. The key objectives of the programme are: protecting children from classroom hunger, increasing school enrollment and attendance, improved socialization among children belonging to all castes, addressing malnutrition, and social empowerment through provision of employment to women. Under this scheme besides providing free mid day meal, free education, free books, free uniform Government are also provided. These supportive measures help to improve retention rates in primary and upper primary schools . More than 10.54 Crores ( 7.8 Crores in Primary School and 3.36 in Upper Primary School) children are covered in this scheme. An amount of Rs 13,215 Crores has been earmarked in the Current Budget for this scheme. Today in Rural areas 96.5% of children in age group of 6 to 14 years are enrolled in schools.


Gramin Bhandaran Yojna Creation of scientific storage capacity with allied facilities in rural areas to meet the requirements of farmers for storing farm produce, processed farm produce and agricultural inputs. Improve their marketability through promotion of grading, standardization and quality control of agricultural produce.


Though Congress Governments since Independence has introduced a number of welfare schemes with the intention of uplifting the poor and downtrodden but it has been noticed that the fruits have not reached the people for whom it was meant. There have been issues associated with the efficiency and effectiveness of the same. Rampant leakages and corruption have made many of the schemes and programs dysfunctional. Rajeev Ji, was deeply concerned about the benefits not reaching the hands for whom it was meant. Studies conducted by the Planning Commission had shown that the Public Distribution System has become so inefficient that a major portion of the subsidized grains do not reach the targeted group and almost a third of it is siphoned off the supply chain. After Sonia Ji took command of the Congress Party she wanted the Government to devise a scheme whereby the benefits directly reach the common man. On the initiative of Sonia Ji the Government brought in the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme. Under the Direct Benefit Transfer program the entitlements and benefits are transferred directly to the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries could include widows, students and pension takers. This would be done through biometric-based Aadhaar-linked bank accounts. This would reduce several layers of intermediaries and delays in the system, cut down wastage, duplication and leakages and also enhance efficiency.

On January 01, 2013, the Congress Government rolled out the Direct Benefit Transfer covering seven welfare schemes in 20 districts in 16 states. The programme covers schemes mostly related to student scholarships and stipends, the Indira Matrutva Yojna and the Dhanalakshmi schemes.like educational scholarship for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and pensions to widows. Food, fertilisers, LPG, diesel and kerosene would soon be added to this list. The programme is also aimed at cutting the massive subsidy bill of Rs 1,64,000 crore .


The Congress party has always been concerned about the development and progress of the Rural India. Congress Party realized that inspite of a number of efforts by the Government the standard of living of the small and marginal farmers was not improving. Their debt was increasing day by day forcing some of them to commit suicide. Sonia Ji as President of the Congress Party persuaded the Government to come out with a Farmers Loan waiver scheme which will not only help the small and marginals to free themselves from the debt on their shoulders but would enable them to take positive steps for their development. Therefore the Government as per directions of Sonia Ji brought out an ambitious scheme which covered waiver of agricultural loans extended to ‘marginal and small farmers’ and ‘other farmers’ by Scheduled Commercial Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Cooperative Credit Institutions (including Urban Cooperative Banks) and Local Area Banks. This cost the Government Rs 71,600 Crores and benefitted more than four crore farmers. On the suggestion of Sh. Rahul Gandhi Ji the scheme was extended to cover farmers in drought prone areas covered under the Prime Minister’s Relief Plan.


It is because of the progressive policies of the Congress Party, its vision, foresightedness this all round Development of the Country has been possible. It is in every sphere of life whether it is infrastructure, health development, education, Agriculture, Consumer goods, industrial goods, Computers or Soft ware we witness a remarkable growth. Unfortunately we have not been able to highlight these achievements which has placed India on the world map. We are recognized as a Power. The Opposition Parties are the only one who do not see this progress. Guided by their selfish interest, narrow vision and fault finding habit they find fault in everything we do. They by repeatedly telling lies one after another try to mislead the ordinary man. The ordinary man is not able to distinguish between right and wrong.

The Opposition Parties in India lack vision, foresightedness, development programmes and policies. They are in reactionary and disruptive politics. Whenever Elections are round the corner they indulge in malicious campaign, rake up communal feelings, talk about mandir majid , organize demonstrations on trival issues, disrupt Parliament, let it not function, prevent Government from bringing progressive Bills like Food and Security Bill, FDI, Nuclear Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, Women Reservation Bill etc. They are not concerned with the welfare of the masses, they are not concerned with the progressive steps of the Government which will benefit millions of people of the country. Their sole aim is to put obstacles in the path of the Congress Party/ Government and to create an atmosphere which would disrupt the peace and integrity of the country. We should not be silent spectators. Time has come when the Party needs to have a well defined Policy to counter the false propaganda all such moves.


If we do not rise to the occasion the sacrifices made by the Congress Leaders in building the Country would go waste. The role played by the Congress leaders in the Freedom Struggle is a matter of record, but that played by Pt. Jawhar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi Ji,Rajeev Ji and then by Sonia Gandhi Ji and Rahul Ji in post independence period is no less important. In the Ninety’s Congress was on the verge of being wiped out from the National scene. Sonia Ji revived the Party, gave it a fresh life, and showed the path of recovery, but for her we would have been nowhere. Sonia’s Ji is a symbol of strength, patience, devotion and sagacity.She has sacrificed her personal benefits, luxuries well being for the sake of Country and Party. She refused the post of Prime Ministership and found a well learned, experienced, honest and a person of integrity in the form of Sh. Man Mohan Singh. This shows that for her country is more important than anything else. Her action of declining the post of Prime Ministership even took the Opposition Parties by surprise.

If one was to look at the life of Smt Sonia Gandhi. It has not been a bed of roses. In reality the hardships and difficulties faced by her are much more than Mata Sita Ji had to face when she was sent in exile by Lord Rama. In exile Mata Sita Ji spent her life in the Ashram of Maharishi Valmiki Ji where she had the support, guidance, cooperation of all the inhabitants of the Ashram. Lava and Kush were born in Maharshi Valmiki’s Ashrama. Maharishi Valmiki trained Lava and Kusha in archery and they were able to release arrows at the speed of sound. He also taught them about divine & celestial warfare. He made them masters in archery so that no one on this earth could defeat them in war. He established a connection between his mind and Lava and Kusha’s mind and directly transferred all his knowledge to them.

Maharishi gave knowledge of every field to Luv and Kush and made them capable of ruling a kingdom. But in the case of Sonia Ji when Rajeev Ji died it was a totally different situation. Her own people and those within the Party wanted her to act according to their wishes. Sonia Ji with her astuteness, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, foresightedness understood the evil hidden intention of these people. With lots of patience she bore this. She fulfilled all her responsibility towards the Country, Congress Party her children never ignoring one for the other. Like a good mother she spent time in upbringing her children making them understand the Indian culture and values of life, inculcating in them the spirit of love and dedication, inspiring them to be good human beings. Today every Indian is proud of the way Rahul Ji and Priyaka Ji behave with everyone, treating the elders with respect and dignity, showing love to the poor and downtrodden. The credit for this goes to none other than Sonia Ji.. She raised them through many a hardship .She taught them the basics of life She taught them how, with love and understanding they can mend hearts that were broken. In fact we run short of words to express our feelings regarding the sacrifices Sonia Ji had to make for the family and party. Infact Sonia Ji placed the country above the family. She rebuild the Congress Party, took important constructive decisions for the welfare and progress of the country. Her role as a Parliamentarian is excellent. While taking the leadership of the Congress Party in her hands, reviving it, she also adjusted herself to the Indian culture. Not only she took command over the Indian language but also adjusted herself with the Indian culture, its dress and tradition. The country admires her for her ability to act as a mother, leader and good citizen at the same time. No one including the opposition can cast any aspersions’ on her. It would not be wrong to say that if one was to write the sacrifice and contribution of Sonia Ji it would need a voluminous book. Sonia’s Ji hardship, difficulties, harsh circumstances, taking care of the children along with rebuilding the Congress Party and ensuring the welfare of the country are in fact more than Mata Sita Ji had to face. Mata SitaJi main duty in the Maharishi Ashram was to take care only of her children but for Sonia Ji it was country, Congress party and the family.

Sonia Ji allowed the children to understand the realities of life. She sent Rahul Ji to different parts of the country, mix with the ordinary person and understand how these people are surviving. To develop Political acumen Sonia Ji sent Rahul Ji to manage elections in UP and Bihar even though she knew the ground realities in UP and Bihar. The workers and members of the Congress Party have so much faith and love for Rahul Ji that as soon as Rahul Ji joined politics they wanted him to lead the Party. However Sonia Ji wanted that before Rahul Ji takes charge of the Party he should have full understanding about working of the Party. It is only when Rahul Ji had gained proper working knowledge of the Party that he was made Vice President of the Congress Party.

Rahul Ji in his first address as Vice President of the Congress Party by his emotive speech moved the heart not only of all the Congressman present at the Jaipur conclave but throughout the country. It showed that Rahul Ji possess the quality of a strong leader as within seconds he was able to draw the emotional chord with the workers. Rahul Ji showed his ability and capability as a strong and dynamic leader to lead the Party with zeal, determination and enthusiasm.

Rahul Ji sacrifice for the Party is one of the greatest sacrifice by anyone. He is sacrificing his entire personal life for the sake of Party. It is because of his efforts and under his leadership we have snatched Power in Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka from the BJP.

Addressing the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Rahul Ji proved that his vision and thoughts are for the bright future of the country. Rahul Gandhi Ji made an attractive and compassionate speech, where by he struck the right note through his emphasis on harmony and participation. He spoke with a sense of responsibility towards the country, towards its people. He spoke of systemic changes relating to deepening participation of the people and giving greater voice to people in decision-making that affects the lives of ordinary people. He offered a critique of the political system and political parties. He received praise from all corners of the industry. They believed he is a sincere leader. His ideas are brilliant. He spoke about his vision of empowering women and giving voice to the people of billion-strong nation. Today because of his vision, way of thinking he has left Narendar Modi miles behind.


A well planned policy whereby we can effectively carry the views and programmes of the party to the common man and also provide them with ready answers of any question raised against the Party /Government on any platform by any person is therefore required. Our policy should be to create a team of dedicated workers who can go to the masses, mix with them, tell them the positive work done by the Congress Party, remove the doubts in their mind, influence their level of thinking to such an extent that they also carry the message further. A poor uneducated person is ignorant of the amount of work the Congress Party/Government is doing for him. It is our duty to carry this message to every Village, every House.


Public Meetings are a great way of putting ideas into the public domain. We can organize regular Public Meetings on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of our Great leaders like Mahatama Gandhi, Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi Ji, Rajiv Gandhi Ji, Sonia Ji, Rahul Ji, Ambedkar Jayanti, Foundation day of AICC, IYC, NSUI, Mahila Congress ,National Festivals . Such functions can be organized at Block level and District level. Normally a District level has 6 to 8 Blocks. If every Block brings 100 persons for a meeting at District level we will be having around 800 persons attending the meeting in every District. In addition 200 to 300 passersby will also stand to listen if there is a good orator. As such even if one Public Meeting is held every month in a Block/District we will able to convey our Party’s view to around one thousand dedicated Party Workers per District. By doing so on one side we will be propagating the views of the Party to a large number of persons and on the other hand we will nourish the minds of our Party Workers with readymade answers to any Questions raised by the Opposition Parties. Our Party dedicated workers can then play an effective role in changing the mind and heart of large number of Voters. They as common man without showing themselves as workers of the Party can involve in heart to heart talk with the people found at Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Buses, Trains, Tea Stalls, Tonga Stands, Rickshaw Stands, Public Libraries. As our trained dedicated workers do not have any uniform/dress code like the RSS and some other communal organizations their mixing with people would be without any difficulty. They can start jokes or draw these persons into conversation on Party’s point of view. These workers speaking in the dialect of the common man would not only be able to convince the local person easily but would also help Party in building a strong base.

Once we have decided about holding of such meetings what we require are dedicated workers who are not only impressive, effective whose task should not only be to teach or to share information but to move people’s minds and hearts and to provoke them into changing their behavior in some way. The speakers should be such who can appeal to a broad spectrum; who can help to attract the audience


For this we have to identify the audience. We cannot forget that India is a land of languages. There are 22 officially recognised languages but around 33 different languages and more than 2000 dialects identified in India. In order to have effective communication we require good orators, who can speak in the language of the audience. These speakers should be one who is a good orator whom people are willing to hear. If we analyse the growth of Regional parties throughout the country the only reason behind this seems to be that by speaking in Regional Language and concentrating on Regional Issues they develop good rapport with the Local population. The result is local issues and local language take preponderance over National issues.

With elections round the corner we do not have time to create a cadre of good orators. Therefore we should hire them. The Speakers who are to be hired should be such one who can draw good crowds and second who can through effective communication convince the masses to vote for the party.

The Indian National Congress Party is a Party of the masses with roots spread all over the country. There are families who are dedicated Congress Man, who are ready to sacrifice their life for the Party. We need to build our Party with these people. In these families also there is a transitional change. Younger generation is taking place of the older generation. We have to draw them into the Congress fold. These new entrants can join any of the four organs of the Indian National Congress mentioned below. This will enable the creation of a strong, well organized, dedicated strength of good leadership throughout the country. Our four organs are

1. Indian Youth Congress

2. National Student Union Of India

3. Mahila Congress

4. Sewa Dal

While the Indian National Congress Party will act as the guiding force showing us the path we have to follow, the four Frontal Organisations mentioned above will spread the message throughout the country. These organizations are our strength and support, our main pillars. With a proper coordination among all these groups not only we will strengthen the Congress Party but we will also carry our voice to the masses.


The Indian Youth Congress has a cadre of young aspiring, energetic , dynamic youth of less than 35 years of age. They are strong enough to give a fitting reply to the Opposition at all levels. What is noticed is that while the opposition Parties are very vociferous telling lies after lies we remain mute to their protests. It is here the Indian Youth Congress can play an effective role. IYC can organize protest march/ demonstration for the Government and against the opposition parties. They could be very effective in drawing attention of the Public through attractive and meaningful slogans. During election time the IYC can be utilized for Party campaign. On the Election Day IYC volunteers should assemble before the Polling Booths in large numbers to show their strength and demoralize the Opposition Parties. A monthly meeting of IYC volunteers should be organized where issues concerning the Party should be discussed. Their duty should be to carry the views of the Party to the masses.


NSUI is the student wing of the Party. Its members are the students studying in colleges, a literate class. Today’s students are well versed with the knowledge of Information Technology. Contacts through proper use of Information Technology, Face Book etc are well known throughout the world. NSUI volunteers should be guided to carry the message of the Party through social contacts and proper use of Information Technology. Their role will not be limited to carrying message and party’s view to the masses but during election time they will have a much wider role to play. From preparing election material, pamphlets, hand bills etc they be utilized for managing the Party’s booth outside the Polling Booth.


The Mahila Congress can also play a very crucial role in door to door campaigning. The members of the Mahila Congress can enter any premises/ house/ area without much difficulty. They can sit with the housewives and effectively explain to them the work done by the Congress Party. Let us agree to the fact that Indian Culture is such that House wives hardly come to Public Meetings. Therefore the approach towards drawing the ordinary woman in the Congress framework is only possible through door to door contact and this can only be done by Mahila Congress. It is therefore felt that their services in this field should be effectively utilized.


The Sewa Dal being a disciplined group of people can be assigned the role of acting as Polling Agents. Inside the Polling Booth we require our representatives should be such who have a good understanding of the legal and procedural matters relating to Elections. Sewa Dal Volunteers are strong enough not to be cowed down under pressure. On the other hand by their strong will and determination they can build up pressure on the Polling Agents of the other Parties. As there is no restriction on age for appointment of Polling Agents and there is no age restriction on being a member of Sewa Dal, the elder members of Sewa Dal with their vast experience will be very useful.


In short with a strong team of dedicated workers we can carry our message to the common man. Sixty years in the life of a nation is a very short time. During this period there has been significant development in every sphere of life. Today India is an economic power. This progress could not have been possible without the vision, foresightedness, dedication and devotion of the Congress leaders. Congress Party realizes that there are a number of tasks pending and is determined to provide to every citizen of India a bright and happy future. Congress Party has an approach and positive outlook to achieve what it desires for the people of the Country. People cannot forget the sacrifices made by the Congress leaders first to achieve Independence and then to maintain the integrity of the country. The people know in the Hand of the Congress lies the bright future of this country. It is the Hand and only Hand which can make the country strong, it is the Hand which takes care of the poor and downtrodden, it is the Hand which stands next to you in time of need, it is the Hand which assures good education, health, good living conditions, a shelter over every head. Let us unite and work together in making India a strong nation. Jai Hind.


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  1. Strongly agree with you sir. There is number of works done by Congress for development of India. No one can’t rule peoples and nation like congress. Real development done by Congress in India but now people ignoring congress’s works.
    Jai hind….. Jai Congress


  2. कांग्रेस पार्टी ने इस भारत देश को अपना सब कुछ दिया है | इतनी बडी कुर्बानी किसी पार्टी ने नहीं दिया है | अन्य पार्टिया गाल चाहे जितना बजा लें |


  3. See the difference between today life style & 1947 ie. Your lifestyle & your grandfather u will find the development of 60 years . Sir I want to meet u give your pressure time .


  4. What were living coditions before independence.and what are today,only a person who has seen both can realise.India is only all
    round selfsupporting country.Credit goes to our dynamic leadership and their great innovative ideas.


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