How the Delhi Government Ignored earlier NGT orders- Delhi pays price

Ban on Diesel Cabs

July , 29 2015 – Delhi HC said that Diesel cabs cannot run in DelhiThe Order was never implemented by Delhi Govt

Oct, 15 2015 The Delhi HC modified the Order and gave extension to Diesel Cabs upto March, 2016

Ban on Burning Garbage, leaves, plastic etc in open
28th April, 2015 NGT imposed a complete ban on burning of Garbage, leaves, plastic etc in open in Delhi, however, this ban was never implemented by the Authorities.

NGT also directed Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan & UP to undertake aggressive awareness about burning waste material in open. Again the Governments did not give any heed to the directions.
Polluting vehicles not being tested in Delhi
On 22nd July, 2015 NGT slammed Delhi Government for not testing polluting vehicles in Delhi
17th February, 2015 – Delhi Government withdraws requirement of pollution clearance for small scale and medium scale industries. To reward their election financers?
Consequently, today we are in a situation that the Court had to label Delhi as a gas chamber and then the Government is giving knee jet reactions instead of drawing a implementable plan to curb pollution in Delhi.

Unable and unwilling to charge Green Tax-

Delhi Govt has failed to collect the green tax imposed by Hon’ble SC in a landmark order dated 09.10.2015 whereby all commercial vehicles were suppose to pay Rs. 700 & 1300 per entry to Delhi.

The Government must answer – why were the previous directions of the NGT not complied with?

And as suggested by the NGT are they going to ban registration of Diesel vehicles in Delhi?


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