Delhi suffers on water shortage because of Kejriwal’s soaring Punjab ambitions


  • Wrong Affidavit in Apex Court on SYL issue seals Delhi fate to get 120,000 cusec/day water as against just 1200 cusec which we are getting now from Haryana
  • Delhi suffers on water shortage because of Kejriwal’s Punjab ambitions


  1. The National Capital has been facing acute water shortage and Kejriwal’s promise of giving 700 litres of free water to every house hold has fallen flat.
  2. 70% of Delhi’s water comes from Munak canal and Western Yamuna canal. This is around 1200 cusec or .002 MAF (Million Acre Feet). However, SYL canal when operational, the water share of Delhi would be 0.2 MAH (or 120,000 cusec) which is 100 times more than what Delhi is getting now from Haryana. For this reason, in all previous affidavits on this matter before the on-going matter in Hon’ble Supreme Court the GNCTD had in a way supported SYL canal. Unfortunately, Delhi has now made to suffer because of Kejriwal’s soaring Punjab ambitions.
  3. But Mr Kejriwal in the recent affidavit of 22nd April has withdrawn previous affidavits/ submissions. Instead of using this opportunity before the Apex Court to press for implementation of SYL canal, which would help Delhi in a big way, he has said ‘the dispute of conveyance system is between Haryana and Punjab in which Delhi has no comments’. Thus in order to fulfil his own political ambitions, Shri Arvind Kejriwal has helped in scrapping the SYL project which will in-turn be of immense adverse consequences for the people of Delhi. Had Kejriwal given precedence to the needs of the people of Delhi over his own selfish political interests, then the share of water allocated to Delhi (as per the SYL agreement), could have solved the entire water problem of the National Capital. I would re-iterate that the Delhi Government has missed a golden opportunity to take an effective stand before the Supreme Court (qua Delhi’s share in SYL water sharing agreement), which was seized of the matter and has now reserved judgement on 12.05.2016.
  4. Moreover, while in certain areas of Delhi, the situation is like a drought and people don’t even have drinking water, Shri Kejriwal, in order to make headlines, is doing stunts of sending ‘water train’ to Latur. The same is very unfortunate as his first priority should be to serve those who gave them 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi.



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