AAP has different yardsticks on corruption when it comes to their own!

Today’s developments in the Special CBI Court (in tainted Rajender Kumar’s case) has exposed the Kejriwal Government which has been desperately defending his own personally chosen Principal Secretary. Though Kejriwal & Co. have mastered the art of playing the victim card but after today’s Court’s directions, the truth is out in the open.
After prima-facie examination of the matter, since the Court deemed fit to send Kumar to 5 day CBI Custody in the graft allegations, we would like to ask Shri Arvind Kejriwal that why were the repeated warnings of Transparency International, sent back in 2015, qua corruption of Rajender Kumar, deliberate ignored by his office? Was it because one of the contracts awarded to Rajender Kumar’s benami company was during Keriwal’s 49 day tenure?

We call for a fair & proper investigation on all charges leveled against Rajender Kumar and advise the Kejriwal Government to focus its energies on doing something constructive for Delhi, instead of constantly protecting tainted officers & ministers.

Today’s developments reiterate that AAP has different yardsticks on corruption when it comes to their own, the sequence of events were exactly the same when AAP was shamelessly defending Jitender Tomar in the fake degree case!

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