​Statement of Shri Ajay Maken on order passed by Delhi High Court on misuse of Public Funds on Advertising by AAP Govt in Delhi

​Statement of Shri Ajay Maken, President Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee on the order passed by Delhi High Court on misuse of Public Funds on Advertising by AAP Government in Delhi.

For Immediate Release


August 10, 2016:

It has been our continued endeavor to expose the substandard governance and maladministration of the Arvind Kejriwal Government in Delhi. It pains me to observe that the Aam Aadmi Party has no idea or plan to govern the national capital and using the Delhi Taxpayers’ money to serve the political interest of AAP on a National Level. Some important issues remain unattended due to lack of funds like, payments to Safai Karmacharis, widow and old age pensions, repairing pot holes and water sewage maintenance. Crores have been wasted for publicity and promotion for the ruling party and its leaders.

One of the biggest concern is the ‘megalomaniac’ behavior of the Chief Minister. He has used massive public funds to feed his ego, misinform and run a political propaganda at a national level. This self-serving exercise and lust for publicity has hurt the interest of the people of Delhi.

I am deeply satisfied with the order passed by the Delhi High Court today, instructing the panel appointed on Supreme Court directions (three-member committee) to examine the wasteful expenditure on advertising by the Delhi Government. The Hon Delhi High Court also asked the committee to adjudicate the same in a time bound manner.

The proceedings in the days to come will have serious consequences on administration and people of Delhi. We are hopeful that the outcome shall set an example nationally and tame the publicity seeking character of those who are expected to Govern with sense and responsibility. Public Trust has been thoroughly breached in this case. We promise to give a tough fight to the Delhi government and ensure the honest tax payers money is not misused for selfish motives.


For Further Clarifications please contact:

Aman Panwar,

Counsel for Ajay Maken in the present matter

Hand Phone: 9899001070


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