‘The delay in banning ‘manja’ seems to have been done to benefit importers/dealers’:Ajay Maken-Seeks CBI inquiry into the delay in banning Chinese-made ‘manja’ by the AAP Government.



  • DPCC  president Shri Ajay Maken seeks CBI inquiry into the delay in banning Chinese-made ‘manja’ by the AAP Government.
  • Shri Maken questions delay of two and a half months in issuing draft notification to ban ‘manja’ by the AAP Government.
  • The delay in banning ‘manja’ seems to have been done to benefit importers/dealers –Ajay Maken.


NEW DELHI, August 17—Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Shri Ajay Maken has sought a CBI inquiry into  the “deliberate delay” on the part of the AAP Government in Delhi in banning the Chinese-made “manja” (nylon kite thread), which seems to have been done for financial considerations, to benefit  importers of the “manja” at the cost of public safety. He said the Delhi Government has issued a draft notification for banning “manja” on 16th August, a day after independence, when the sales of the ‘manja’ were almost over, and four lives were lost in the Capital. He said the delay in banning the ‘manja’ was deliberate and was done to benefit importers and dealers, in order to enable them to sell their pending stock of the imported Chinese thread.


“Such deliberate inaction on the part of the Government and ignorance towards public safety, cost several lives in the National Capital on 15th August”, Shri Maken noted in his letter to the CBI director. He said the draft notification was “an eyewash” and has further delayed the actual ban for at least 60 days under the pretext of inviting objections from public.  He said  Rule 4 (5) of Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 enables the Delhi Government to issue the said notification without inviting objections. “Rule 4(5)—In a case where the Central Government is of the opinion that in view of the likelihood of a grave injury to the environment it is not expedient to provide an opportunity to file objections against the proposed direction, it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, issue directions without providing such an opportunity”.

Note: Vide notification dated 10.09.1992 S.O. No. 667(E), the Central Government has authorised GNCTD to exercise the power to give such directions. On numerous occassions in the past, the GNCTD has also used these provisions unilaterally.

Shri Maken said the Karnataka Government had banned the Chinese “manja” on 22nd July and before that the Maharashtra and Rajasthan Governments too  had banned the Chinese thread. He wondered what was holding back the Delhi Government from issuing a final notification  banning the Chinese manja despite the Delhi High Court’s direction to various Government agencies to issue advisories to the public regarding the “dangers” of using nylon/synthetic manjas.


In a letter to the CBI director, Shri Maken has demanded a thorough probe into the matter, and bring the guilty to the book. Shri Maken has strongly urged the CBI to immediately register an FIR under provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act, and investigate the deliberate and possible nexus between the functionaries of the Delhi Government and importers/dealers of the Chinese Manja.


Shri Maken said when a PIL was filed before the Delhi High Court on 1st June, 2016, the Delhi Government on 2-8-2016 had stated in the court that after the Delhi High Court’s intervention in the matter, the Delhi Government had started the process of preparing the draft notification for ban on “manufacture, use, sale and purchase of the ‘manja””, though the proposal was pending approval before the Law Department, Delhi Government.


Shri Maken wanted to know why the Delhi Government waited for two and a half months to come up with a draft notification, after the damage had been done.  He said this clearly proves the complicity of the Delhi Government with importers in the delay in banning the Chinese ‘manja’.

Shri Maken said this was “criminal negligence” on the part of the Delhi Government as on such emergency issues, the Government could have come up with a final notification.


Shri Maken said the Kejriwal Government was trying to pass on the blame to the bureaucrats though when it comes to its clashes with the Centre and others, the AAP Government directly blames the Prime Minister and the Lt. Government for its woes. Therefore, Delhi CM and the Deputy CM should be held responsible for the Chinese “manja” tangle.


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