‘Kejriwal should resign if he’s unable to govern. We are ready to govern Delhi and deliver under the present setup’: Ajay Maken


Ø 1158 dengue cases with 4 deaths and 1057 Chikungunya with 3 deaths are the official figures-But un-reported figures are much higher

Ø Kejriwal should resign if he’s unable to govern. We are ready to govern Delhi and deliver under this setup.

Ø Shame that when Delhi is reeling under the epidemic of Chikungunya and Dengue, the entire Delhi Cabinet, the Lt. Governor and the mayors of Municipal Corporations are out of Delhi

Ø Both the Lt Governor and the Chief Minister are busy passing the buck on to each other indulging in the blame game at the cost of common citizen


Whereas the official figures of Chikungunya and Dengue epidemic are 1057 and 1158 respectively with 7 deaths, unreported figures are much higher. Unfortunately, all the three organs of Governance in the National Capital have failed miserably.

The executive heads of governance w.r.t. Delhi for all these organs are not in Delhi. The Chief Minister has gone to Bengaluru for his avoidable operation/treatment leaving Delhi, the Dy CM is in Finland, other ministers are in Goa and Chattisgarh. Leaving only one minister in Delhi who is on twitter instead of visiting Hospitals. Even the Lt Governor is abroad. Two of the three mayors in Delhi are also reportedly missing-perhaps out of the country. This deplorable situation thus gets further deteriorated with the absence of any responsible leader in Delhi.

The response of the Delhi Government to the present crisis is also insensitive to say the least. Instead of looking for the solutions and the Delhi Government has again resorted to the blame-game at the cost of Delhi Citizens.

The DPCC will commemorate on 16th September, Bhagoda Diwas and hold demonstration in all 70 Assembly Constituencies against the apathy of Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporations.


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