#AAPGayab Fact-Based Chargesheet and appeal to Kejriwal

 16th September “Bhagoda Diwas”

~ the saga of a runaway government (bhagoda sarkar) in Delhi


Today, the Delhi Congress Chief Shri Ajay Maken’s, produced a fact based Charge-sheet, highlighting the callous attitude and failures of the- Kejriwal Government, the BJP-ruled MCDs and the Central Government.


Producing the said ‘charge-sheet’ before the public, Shri Maken noted that due to petty politics of AAP and BJP, chikungunya and dengue have attained epidemic proportions in Delhi.


Contents of the Chargesheet


1. Holding both AAP & BJP guilty for the current crises, Shri Maken said – it is extremely unfortunate that, while Delhiites are facing an epidemic like situation, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was campaigning in Punjab and later went away to Bangalore; similarly, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia is holidaying in Finland; and even the Lt. Governor was retreating in the United States; and even one of the mayors was out for a foreign jaunt.

2. Lambasting CM Kejriwal, Shri Maken said that while on one hand he claims that he doesn’t even have the power to purchase a pen. One the other hand, his Government at the first occasion passed a bill in the Assembly to raise the salary of the MLAs by 400 per cent, by the virtue of which each MLA now entitled to a salary of Rs 3 lakh per month.

Exposing the victim card being played by AAP, Shri Maken stressed that Delhi must not forget that the same Kejriwal Government allocated Rs 526 crore for the self-publicity and to publish Ads across India, at the cost of Delhi Taxpayers’.


However, when it comes to addressing public issues, the entire cabinet, including the Chief Minister, is nowhere to be seen! Delhi is not only battling chikungunya & dengue, but it is also bearing the load of a ‘Runaway Government’ (‘Bhagodi Sarkar’), said Shri Maken.


3. Ever since the Congress has gone out of power, Delhi’s public health system has totally collapsed. Moreover, the various agencies have utterly failed to take coordinated steps for the sake Delhiites. The two years of misgovernance in Delhi, coupled with the constant media stunts by AAP and BJP, has left the common man completely helpless. Nonetheless, swelling fatalities in the National Capital on account of Chikungunya and Dengue, is a gross failure of the constitutional duty of the Delhi Government and a violation of the Right to Life guaranteed by the Constitution of India, said Shri Maken.

4. Though the AAP Government lauded its Mohalla clinic through advertisements worth Crores of rupees. However, it is extremely shocking that these clinics are open only four hours, a day. The scarcity of doctors and medicines in mohalla clinics, is writ large, said the Delhi Congress Chief.

5. Quoting from the 2014 economic survey of Delhi, Shri Maken said that when congress demitted office, there were 95 hospitals, 1389 dispensaries, 267 maternity homes, 973 poly clinics and 16 medical colleges with the Delhi Government. And as many as 48096 beds were available for patients. However, for the last three years, Delhi government has made no substantial efforts for improving the health infrastructure of Delhi.


6. Stressing on the requirement for pre-monsoon preparedness, Shri Maken informed that the AAP Government and the BJP-ruled MCDs, failed to form a working relationship which could have averted the present crises. During the Congress rule in Delhi, the Chief Minister used to convene meetings with other stake holders well in advance so that a roadmap may be prepared to tackle any unforeseen eventuality on account of monsoon rains. No such meetings have taken place in the last three years. 1005 roads come under the jurisdiction of Delhi Government’s PWD department. The desilting process of these roads should have been completed by 15th June, but by 6th July, desilting of only 311 roads were completed, meaning thereby that desilting of 70% roads could not take place, which resulted in heavy water-logging following monsoon rains, and as a result, chikungunya and dengue attained epidemic proportions.

7. Continuing with its vindictive approach, the Delhi Government downsized the budget of the Municipal Corporations, whereas we could keep Delhi healthy by catering to the requirements of various agencies/ authorities. The Congress Government in Delhi in the year 2013-14 had allocated 11.76% funds out of its total Plan budget whereas the AAP Government has reduced this budget to 8.31% this year for the Municipal Corporations. On the other hand, the three MCDs on their part also have failed to adequately utilize the budget allocated to them, explained Shri Maken.

8. Shri Maken also charged the Delhi Government with manipulating data regarding chikungunya, dengue and malaria. Warning the Chief Minister of disastrous consequences of such concealment Shri Maken said, that hiding the figures will only forbid agencies from providing adequate relief in the present situation.

As per the Government data, till 15th September, 1158 cases of dengue, 1057 cases of chikungunya and 21 cases of malaria were recorded in Delhi, whereas the real data is much more than what has been officially given out, as more people have been affected by these viral fevers in Delhi. 10 innocent people lost their lives due to chikungunya. Hardly any house or family is left unaffected by these viral fevers in Delhi. The insensitive statement of the Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain claiming that no death could take place due to chikungunya, further worsens the situation. The WHO (World Health Organisation) in its April 2015 report says that as many as 191 people died due to chikungunya in North and South America. Hence, as responsible administrator, Shri Satyender Jain must withdraw his misleading and false statement, demanded Shri Maken.
9. Delhi needs extra force of sanitation workers but opposite to it, on 5th January, 2016, the Chief Minister of the AAP Government, Chief Secretary (Finance) and the Commissioners of the Municipal Corporations imposed a counterproductive condition while extending a loan of Rs 551 crore to the MCDs, while giving the conditional loan, the Delhi Government bounded the MCD to not engage any new sanitation workers. Moreover even Ad hoc employees and beldars would be removed from their services within one year.

a) Chief Minister Shri Kejriwal and Deputy CM Shri Sisodia should immediately return to Delhi and we demand that an all-party meeting shall be convened at the earliest.

b) The AAP Government, Lt. Governor and top officers of the three MCDs should sit across the table and forget their grievances so that a working relationship could be formed to tackle the chikungunya and dengue outbreak.


c) The Central Government should immediately deploy doctors, para-medical staff of Army and Para-Military Forces in Delhi hospitals and dispensaries. Free health services and free check-ups should be provided to the affected people so that people may be saved from the prevailing dangerous vector-borne diseases.


d) Fumigation drive should be carried out on a war-footing and the help of Army and Para-Military Forces should also be taken in this drive.

e) The Government should create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) so that before monsoon, the MCDs and other departments prepare themselves to combat such situations well in advance. The Chief Minister’s office should monitor this process.




The Delhi Congress, in order to do its bit in the present crises, has launched a WhatsApp and SMS helpline No. 9891620771 to help chikungunya and dengue patients. A team of two doctors sit at the medical control room set up at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan, to attend to chikungunya and dengue patients. The medical advise is being given to the affected people and if needed, the district and block Congress committee presidents are being sent to the houses of the patients to help them, as and when required.


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