Read and Understand 854 crores worth Advertisment Scam of Kejriwal Govt- #VasooliDiwas

Statement of Delhi Congress Chief and Senior Spokesperson AICC Shri Ajay Maken
Dated: 17.09.2016
Since day one, the Kejriwal Government came to power, there was a ‘scam’ of siphoning off public funds for political activities of the Aam Aadmi Party. The deceptive exercise of diverting Taxpayer’s money for promotion and glorification of AAP & its leaders is not only a violation of Hon’ble Supreme Court Guidelines (dated 13.05.2015, on Government Ads), but also a serious criminal offence under the Prevention of Corruption Act, said Shri Maken.
In order to safeguard the large scale misuse of Public Funds by the Kejriwal Government, the Congress Party through Shri Maken approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on 13.07.2015. The Hon’ble Supreme Court referred the Petition of Shri Maken to the Delhi High Court and vide Order dated 10.08.2016, the Delhi High Court directed the ‘three member committee’, constituted on the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme, to examine and decide all the allegations contained in the representation of Shri Maken. Accordingly, in pursuance of the High Court directions, the ‘three member committee’ vide Order dated 16.09.2016 has found the Kejriwal Government guilty of misusing public funds for advancing political activities of the Aam Aadmi Party.
Chronology of events:
Date Event
1. 13.05.2015 Hon’ble Supreme Court in the matter of Common Cause Vs. Union of India laid down ‘Government Advertisements Guidelines’.
2. 13.07.2015 Shri Ajay Maken [in W.P.(C) 416/2015] approached the Hon’ble Supreme Court against violation of the Guidelines by Kejriwal Government and siphoning off public funds for political purposes of the Aam Aadmi Party.
Hon’ble Supreme Court referred the Petition of Shri Ajay Maken to Delhi High Court.
3. 15.07.2015 Shri Ajay Maken [in W.P.(C) 6702/2015] approached the Delhi High Court.
The High Court issued notice to Delhi Government and Union of India.
4. 29.07.2015 The High Court directed the Delhi Government to place before it the entire expenditure done on TV, Radio, Print Ads.
5. 28.04.2016 Hon’ble Supreme Court in a contempt petition- CENTRE FOR PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION   .Vs.   KEWAL KUMAR SHARMA & ORS. [CCP No. 485/2016] re-directed the Central Government to constitute the ‘Three Member Committee’ vested with the responsibility to check violations of Government Advertisement Guidelines.
6. 10.05.2016 Since as per the Hon’ble Supreme Court directions, the Central Government was forced to constitute the said Committee, Shri Maken also submitted an identical petition (as before the High Court), before the Three Member Committee.
7. 10.08.2016 Between 13.05.2015 to 10.08.2016, the matter was heard by the High Court in 24 occasions. During this Course, Shri Maken filed 10 Affidavits & Applications before the Court, whereas the Delhi Government filed 4 Affidavits before the High Court.
8. 10.08.2016 The Delhi High Court referred the issues raised by Shri Maken, against the Delhi Government, to the said Committee.
The High Court directed the ‘Three Member Committee’ to examine all allegations of wastage of public funds raised by Shri Maken and gave six weeks to the committee, to give its findings.
9. 16.09.2016 The ‘Three Member Committee’ pronounced its Order on Shri Maken’s petition.

Lambasting the Kejriwal Government of white collar corruption, Shri Maken demanded that the CBI shall immediately register an FIR against Shri Kejriwal and others responsible for siphoning off public funds for private purposes.
Highlighting the irony of the situation, Shri Maken said that while the Chief Minister hoodwinks that he does not even have the power to buy a pen, the Order of the Committee proves that in the last 18 months, CM Kejriwal has blown more than Rs. 100 crores of government money for personal and political activities of the Aam Aadmi Party.
Welcoming the Order of the Committee appointed on Supreme Court directions, Shri Maken said that the said Order comes as a big relief for the Taxpayers of Delhi, as their hard earned money siphoned off by the Chief Minister will now be recovered from his party. Further elaborating on the implications of the said Order, Shri Maken said that, the Delhi government has been found guilty of misusing public funds for the following categories of Ads and henceforth restrained from issuing the same:
a) Outstation/ National Level advertisements in print/ radio/ TV;
b) False/ misleading advertisements containing wrong information ;
c) Advertisements for self-glorification and to target political opponents;
d) Advertisements against media;
e) Advertisements mentioning the party in power by name;
f) Advertisements issued on incidents occurring in other states.
Referring to the test analysis of the CAG report (Pg. 43) dated 22.08.2016, which indicted the Delhi Government for spending 85% of the total money allocated for publicity, “outside Delhi”, Shri Maken said that based on the below chart, it is evident that Delhi Government has spent Rs. 284.67 crores on Ads only outside Delhi.
Total spending on Publicity and Ads in Delhi
(extracts of Government Budget documents)
Year Government Amount  (Rs.)
2014-15 President’s Rule 14.5 crore
2015-16 AAP Government  127.18 crore
2016-17 AAP Government 207.73 crore
*85% of total spending during AAP Government = Rs. 284.67 (spent on Ads outside Delhi)
Shri Maken, further said that, had the Aam Aadmi Party, issued these Advertisements on non-DAVP rates i.e. 3 times more, the cost of the same would have been more than Rs. 854 crores. Hence, as per the Order of the Committee, the Aam Aadmi Party is liable to reimburse the Delhi Government a sum of more than Rs. 850 crores. Shri Maken said that this amount shall be used for genuine public purposes for the people of Delhi.
Terming the said developments as ‘people’s victory’, Shri Maken urged the Government to initiate the recovery proceedings at the earliest so that the money recovered could be used for implementing programs/ schemes for prevention of dengue, chikungunya etc. Reminding, the Kejriwal Government of their hostile attitude towards the MCD and sanitation workers who went on strike earlier this year, as the Delhi government did not release their salaries, Shri Maken advised the Chief Minister that instead of misusing public funds for personal image building, the Government would have done well to disburse the same for basic salary requirements of the poor sanitation worker who were on strike for more than month. Such steps by the Kejriwal Government could have contributed in preventing the dengue and chikungunya menace in the city, said Shri Maken.
Also, Shri Maken stressed on the ‘Non-verifiable content/ false information’ being published by AAP in various Ads. Referring to clause (pg. 48 of the report), he pointed out that CAG has red flagged the claims of Shri Kejriwal and the Chief Minister was misleading the people by making false claims w.r.t. ‘money saved’ on various projects/ flyovers/ mohalla clinics. During the CAG audit, the Kejriwal Government could not produce any document to substantiate this claim, read Shri Maken from the CAG report.
Even at present, various ministers of the Kejriwal Government are blowing taxpayer’s money on exotic foreign jaunts and recently, the Chief Minister himself took-along many party workers for a foreign trip to the Vatican city. The Congress Party has reliable information that hefty public funds are being misused for such leisure expeditions of the VIP CM and his Mantri’s and soon we shall also expose the same, said Shri Maken.

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