The three MCDs across Delhi produce over 9000 tonnes of garbage every day. As per Delhi Pollution Control Committee report, North MCD produces 4200 tonnes, South MCD produces 2850 tonnes and East MCD produces 2200 tonnes of garbage daily. Of this, more than 40% of garbage remains untreated and is dumped in overflowing landfills at Narela-Bawana, Bhalaswa, Okhla and Ghazipur. These landfills pose both long-term and immediate safety risk to local residents. Poor waste management has also led to significant disease outbreaks in Delhi in the last few years.

The problem of waste-management in Delhi is furthered compounded by its administrative structure wherein a multiplicity of agencies across the political spectrum are involved leading to lack of clear demarcation of responsibility and accountability. In Delhi, the following agencies are involved in solid-waste management: Municipal Corporation of Delhi; NDMC; Delhi Cantonment Board; AAP Delhi Government (DJB): BJP Central Govt. (Ministry of Urban Development); RWAs & Societies; Private Operators. At the same time, there is a disconnect between the citizen and State agencies leading to disenchantment and lack of civic engagement.


Picture Courtesy: Indian Express


Congress-run MCD will put citizen-centric governance front and centre of all its programs, including sanitation.



The Congress Party will:




  1. Undertake responsibility of cleaning entire Delhi irrespective of ownership. Because Municipal Corporations within their own jurisdiction also, do not undertake scavenging/ cleaning activity at all the places citing reasons of ownership by other government agencies.
  2. Institutionalize mechanisms to ensure maximum unity across agencies and political parties
  3. Implement the 74th amendment of the Constitution in all seriousness
  4. Ensure that the poor and infrastructure-deficit areas of Delhi like Unauthorized Colonies, Slums, Resettlement Colonies get adequate attention and resources to clean and fight against diseases.
  5. Link citizens especially youth with different groups functioning across the city in areas such as sanitation, horticulture, education, health, women’s groups etc
  6. Involve Citizens and incentivize voluntary actions by citizens and groups
  7. Zero Landfills goal will be set and no new landfills will be created. The existing landfills will also be reclaimed, in full conformance with applicable laws.







The sanitation value chain (build, use, maintain and treat) for every ward will be mapped in consultation with area residents. The plan will clearly outline the responsibilities of different agencies across the value chain for proper sanitation in the ward. This will ensure proper coordination among different agencies and also that agencies do not harass residents by passing the buck. The CMP will also include a safety audit for women and children who have to use public toilets. Each ward will be required to plant a definite number of trees, before monsoon season, failing which MCD will impose penalty and action will be taken.

The Congress Party will also encourage active citizenship by opening regular dialogue with councillors. To ensure that residents of poor and infrastructure-deficit areas of Delhi like Unauthorized Colonies, Slums, Resettlement Colonies also have a voice-Community forums (basti kalyan samitis) will be facilitated.

Congress-run MCD will strictly adhere to the revised Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016. Moreover, in keeping with best practices, MCD will follow the 5-R Concept for waste-management: Reduce, Reuse, Recover, Recycle and Remanufacture







  1. National Green Tribunal Ban on polythene bags will be implemented effectively
  2. MCD will make provision for sturdy and trendy “Clean Green Delhi” cloth bags, which will be provided to all commercial establishments on cost basis
  3. Massive awareness campaign will be run to encourage citizen participation and monitoring of commercial establishments
  4. The municipal corporation will undertake an extensive exercise to sensitize children under the age of 15 for segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste in domestic households.







  1. Each Household will be given blue, green bins for waste segregation. The ownership of these Bins would be handed over to children of the households.
  2. Massive awareness campaign to ensure 100% segregation of waste at household level in 2 years
  3. Segregated waste collection from households
  4. Every dhalao will have a separate 2-ton SKIP for construction waste
  5. MCD will make separate provision for pick-up of construction waste from households/commercial units on payment. A special Help-Line to be opened for this purpose.
  6. On all roads, Municipal Corporations will install blue and green dust bins at every 750m in crowded locations. This would be taken up in phased manner.






    1. Decentralized waste processing and treatment plants will be set up on MCD land-pools
    2. Feasibility of setting up a material recycling facility will be looked into to convert waste into reusable products
    3. E-waste community centers will be set-up in collaboration with key tech companies


  • Possibility of Property Tax rebate will be considered for large-scale commercial establishments such as hospitals/hotels who invest in onsite waste disposal facilities


  1. The MCD will build a mechanism to transport the biodegradable waste to the compost machine installed in the locality.
  2. The said waste will be converted into fertilizer, this will drastically bring down the amount of waste going to landfill sites






  1. At present, MCD does not release quarterly or even annual detailed statements of income and expenditure. Congress run MCD will publish detailed income and expenditure statements on a quarterly basis
  2. There will be a transparent and equitable allocation of sanitation workers across all wards
  3. Concessionaire contracts will be reviewed to ensure that all categories of waste (construction, horticulture, household etc) are covered
  4. Grievance redress helpline will be set up for all wards to remove Construction waste.






  1. Timely disbursement of salaries and arears of sanitation workers
  2. All sanitation workers will be provided with proper equipment and training for dignified working conditions
  3. All adhoc Sanitation Workers to be regularised






  1. Domestic
  2. For the purposes of improving sanitation in the city, the Congress Party, after coming to power in the MCsD, will map each municipal ward in further ‘four’ sub-zones which will be determined by factoring in the demographic and socio-economic profile of neighborhoods across the capital
  3. Thereafter a score card by an independent agency to examine how each of these sub-zones has fared on SWM front
  1. Based on this Report Card, Tax rebate and or incentives to be granted thereby incentivizing voluntary actions by the citizens.
  1. The Municipal Corporations will identify spaces and help the RWAs and NGOs setting up and running ‘local compost machines’. For this a special fund will be created.
  2. Free distribution of dustbins (blue & green) for each household, across Delhi. The ownership of these dustbins will be given to the children of the Household.
  3. Commercial

Incentives/ Extra FAR for Hopitals, Malls, Group Housing Societies

  1. Group housing societies, hospital & malls with zero waste discharge through a self-treating mechanism for waste management, will be given incentives and concessions in Property Tax.
  2. Selective units, which will meet the above requirements for the purposes of sanitation and in addition are able to augment infrastructure, parking and public facilities will be given extra FAR.








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