Read Synopsis of Shunglu Committee Report and Why Kejriwal should resign?

Press Conference of Shri Ajay Maken, President, DPCC

DPCC President Shri Ajay Maken filed an RTI application dated 22.02.2017 (Annexure A) with office of the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, seeking copy of the report of the Shunglu Committee- which examined the irregularities and corruption cases in the Delhi Government headed by Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

The office of Hon’ble LG approved the RTI application vide letter dated 30.03.2017 and allowed the said report to be released to Shri Maken. The letter dated 30.03.2017 and copy of the Shunglu committee was received in Shri Maken’s office on 05.04.2017. The Shunglu committee comprising Shri V.K. Shunglu, Former Comptroller and Auditor General, Shri N. Gopalaswami, Former Chief Election Commissioner and Shri Pradeep Kumar, Former Chief Vigilance Commissioner examined 404 files pertaining to various decisions by the AAP Government.

The findings of the report unearthed the following serious cases of corruption & irregularities under the Kejriwal Government:

  1. Allotment of Bungalow No. 206, Rouse Avenue to Aam Aadmi Party

The Committee has found that on 05.10.2015 Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal decided to bring a cabinet decision to allot land/ building to recognized political parties in Delhi. On the very next day i.e. 06.10.2015 an urgent cabinet meeting was called and a decision to this effect was taken thereat. On 08.10.2015, the Chief Secretary raised an objection on this proposal since land was not a subject matter under Delhi Government. However, in violation of all rules and procedures Shri Kejriwal allotted Bungalow No. 206 to his own party-AAP.


Findings of the Committee (Pg. 14)

lt is clear that this decision to allot land to political parties was really to validate allotment of government accommodation to AAP and nothing more because it is common ground that the elected Government does not have any power to deal with the subject of land, let alone allot it. Cabinet decision enabled Minister, PWD, Satyender Jain to allot the above captioned accommodation to AAP. This accommodation was occupied by AAP on 25.01.2016 and was fully furnished as per entitlement of a Minister. The file foes not contain any information regarding rent paid/ payable.




  1. Illegal levying of Property Tax in unauthorized colonies


On 25thMarch, 2017 Shri Arvind Kejriwal tried to fool the residents of Delhi by offering to abolish property tax in residential area. The Shunglu Committee report has exposed this lie of Shri Arvind Kejriwal. The report has revealed the following sensationalizing facts:


  1. a) In 2012, the BJP ruled Municipal Corporations requested the Hon’ble LG and Delhi Government to allow them to levy property tax in unauthorized colonies.


  1. b) In 2013, the Congress Government issued an advisory rejecting the said proposal.


  1. c) In 2015, after Kejriwal Government came to power, the BJP ruled Municipal Corporations once again cited their poor financial condition and sought approval of the GNCTD to levy property tax in unauthorized colonies.


(Note: In the 70point agenda/ manifesto for Delhi, Shri Kejriwal vowed to regularize all unauthorized colonies in Delhi)



“Regularization And Transformation Of Unauthorized Colonies: Within one year of our government formation, these unauthorized colonies will be regularized and residents will be given ownership rights.”


  1. d) Shockingly, even till date Shri Kejriwal has not regularized a single unauthorized colony, however, within few months of coming to power, he gave a go-ahead to BJP ruled Municipal Corporations to levy tax on unauthorized colonies.


The above facts exposes the double standards of Shri Kejriwal. Documents prove that the AAP leader can make any false promise to gather votes.


  1. Accommodation for each MLA funded by Delhi Taxpayers’ money

Huge accommodations/ office spaces were provided to all MLAs without there being any legal provision for the same. On 21.07.2015 Minister, PWD recorded a decision taken by the CM to provide individual spaces to every MLA, at the expense of public money. It may be noted that, in Delhi, no MLA but only Ministers are eligible for Government accommodation. MLA Akhilesh Pati Tripathi was provided with an exceptional Type-V accommodation of over 2,000 sq. ft. (Pg. 15 of the report)


  1. Allotment of Residential Accommodation to Ms. Swati Maliwal, Chairperson, DCW

The Shunglu Committee has found that not only the AAP party and its MLAs were given accommodation illegally, but public resources were also splurged to provide plush government housing to Ms. Maliwal also. The Committee has found that she was not entitled to the said benefits and such act of the Kejriwal Government was in direct violation of the Delhi Commission Women (Honorarium, Allowances and Conditions of service of Chairperson and Members and other Provisions) Rules, 2000. (pg. 17 of the report)


Making of illegal and unqualified appointments of those close to the Chief Minister and Ministers of AAP Government


The Committee noted that various directions were issued by the Chief Minister’s and Minister’s office, which also diluted the position of the bureaucracy, in order to accommodate the near and dear ones of Sh. Kejriwal & his ministers. Very importantly, all these posts were filled in an opaque manner, through a secret selection process and without issuing advertisement to general public.


  1. Appointment of Dr. Nikunj Agarwal as OSD to Minister (Health)

The Committee has found that Dr. Nikunj Aggarwal- a close relative of Shri Arvind Kejriwal was appointed as a Senior Resident Doctor at a Delhi Government Hospital merely on basis of a handwritten application. Thereafter, in complete violation of the Government of India Doctor’s Residency Scheme, which prohibits resident doctors to work outside hospital premises, Shri Agarwal was appointed as OSD to Health Minister, Shri Satyender Jain. The Committee observed that, on Government expense, Shri Agarwal was sent to IIM Ahmedabad in order to improve his CV. He also visited China to study re-modeling of hospital on Delhi Government expense.


  1. Appointment of Ms. Soumya Jain D/o of Sh. Satyender Jain. Health Minister, Delhi

The Committee found that even though Soumya Jain was an architect by profession, she was appointed as an advisor in the Mohalla clinic project. Hence without any experience in the field of medicine, Ms. Jain’s appointment was made by the Health Department of the Delhi Government and an expenditure of Rs. 1.15 lacs was incurred between 18.04.2016 (date of joining) and 14.07.2016 (the date she resigned).


  1. Appointment of Sh. Roshan Shankar- an AAP member, as Advisor to the Minister of Tourism

The due process of issuing an advertisement and making a proper selection etc. are all given the go-by. There is no efforts apparently to check the qualification and experience and verification of antecedents of this private before his appointment. The appointment order was issued on 11.09.2015, but effective date is mentioned as 01.08.2015. To accommodate a AAP member, the officials misused the positions and grossly violated established procedures while appointing a person on substantial salary of Rs. 60,000 per month.


  1. Appointment of Sh. Abhinav Rai – an AAP member, now drawing salary of Rs. 87,000 per month and Government Accommodation

Shri Rai was appointed OSD to Minister, Transport and is drawing a salary of Rs. 87,000 per month. He was also illegally granted Government Accommodation by the Delhi Government, even though he was not entitled to the same. Importantly, while making Sh. Rai’s appointment Shri Kejriwal conveniently ignored the pending criminal case against him. Hence another perfect case of nepotism. (Pg 19 of the report)


  1. Appointment of Mr. Rahul Bhasin

The Committee has found that one Mr. Bhasin who was only 12th pass and did not even complete his diploma course in Travel & Tourism, was appointed as Advisor (Tourism) to the Chief Minister, Delhi. While appointing Mr. Bhasin, the Chief Minister officer made a specific mention to the finance department that he should be paid a salary of Rs. 1,50,000/-.  Importantly, after appointment, Mr. Bhasin along with Tourism Minister went for tour in Australia, Berlin etc. The Committee found the appointment to be untenable and a waste of public money.


  1. Appointment of Sh. Gopal Mohan

With the approval of the Hon’ble LG Shri Mohan was appointed as advisor to the Chief Minister on 10.04.2015, at an honorarium of Re.1 per month. However, after four months i.e. on 07.08.2015 his salary was suddenly revised to Rs. 1,15,881/-, along with back pay, without consulting the LG.


  1. Rules flouted to provide Government accommodation to Sh. Gajendra Haldea, Member, Delhi Dialogue Commission


Though while approving the Delhi Dialogue Commission, the Kejriwal Government specifically noted that facilities to members of DDC “does not include providing a house to a member”. However, in complete violation of their own policy, Sh. Haldea was allotted a Type VIA accommodation in Bapa Nagar, New Delhi. This decision to provide Government accommodation was ratifies by Shri Kejriwal himself on 24.02.2016.




  1. Appointment of private lawyers, even though large number of Government lawyers were present on board

Elected Government decided not to follow norms to utilize Government Counsels and to appoint a large number of Special Counsels on its own volition, including Mr. H.S. Phoolka etc. We, thus, come across a piquant understanding of legal provisions; on the one hand the panel Government Counsels is duly framed and approved by the LG and on the other hand large number of Special Counsels are appointed by the Kejriwal Government, which was an utter waste of public funds.


  1. Crores of rupees spent on Private staff of CM and Ministers

In addition to above, 42 persons were appointed in the office of Chief Minister and various Ministers, without verifying their antecedents. Crores of rupees were spent by Delhi Government to pay salary to these people. Some of them were even paid in lacs. (kindly see Annexure 8 of the report)


  1. Posts created in Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) to accommodate AAP volunteers

Large number of posts were created in the DDC to accommodate relatives and AAP volunteers, without issuing invitation to general public. (Annexure 9 of the report)


After the findings of this report, there remains no difference between DDC and DDCA.


  1. Foreign tours on Public Money

Various Ministers and AAP functionary/ DDC Chairperson enjoyed foreign tours on public money. Crores of rupees were spent from the coffers of the Delhi Government to fund these tours. No prior sanction of the LG was taken before the ministers/ officials went for these tours. Following trips have been taken by AAP functionaries in last two years (Annexure 9 of the report)


  1. a) Ashish Khetan- Went on foreign junkets to London and thereafter to Malaysia. No purpose of the visit was specified. Delhi Government funded the private tour of Shri Khetan.
  2. b) CM Manish Sisodia’s tour of New Zealand (2015).
  3. c) CM Manish Sisodia, along with other, destination – Berlin (2016).
  4. d) CM Manish Sisodia’s tour to London (2016).
  5. e) CM Manish Sisodia’s tour to Sao Paulo, Brazil (2016).
  6. f) Minister Satyender Jain visited Sweden for a ‘study’ tour (2015).
  7. g) Minister Satyender Jain visit to Malaysia (2016) to study BRT.
  8. h) Minister Satyender Jain visit to Manchester, UK.
  9. i) Official visit of Delhi Government delegation to China, to study control of Dengue.


  1. Illegal VAT hike in Delhi

Vide notification dated 18.01.2016, the GNCTD had increased the VAT rates on Diesel and Petrol by amending the VAT Act. In the set constitutional scheme of things such hike could not have been made without the approval of the LG. (Pg. 36 of the report).

While on one hand Shri Kejriwal, shows hypocrisy of targeting central government for price rise, while on the other hand, he is illegally increasing the Diesel and Petrol prices in Delhi. What was the vested interest behing this illegal/ untimely hike in taxes?


  1. Unqualified members given plum postings in various bodies by Sh. Kejriwal (pg. 39 of the report)

(some examples are as follows)

  1. a) Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board- A premier agency for welfare of slum dwellers and also responsible to provide accommodation to the homeless. The DUSIB Act requires that two experts, having experience of dealing with matter of ‘urban planning’ and ‘slum matters’ to be nominated by the Chief Minister. Mr. Bipin Kumar Rai and Mr. AK Gupta do not meet the requirement of the Act and were unqualified for the said posts, even then in violations of the legal provisions, Shri Kejriwal appointed the above-named with DUSIB. Such appointments can be detrimental to the purpose for which the said bodies were formed.
  2. b) In the appointment of Chairperson and Member of the Delhi Commission for Child protection rights under Child Protection Act – No procedure was followed. Unqualified and unfit persons were appointed to the said body.

Our Demand:

The Congress Party request that the President of India to kindly take note of the findings of serious irregularities and cases of siphoning off public funds, for political gains, pointed out in the said report and direct a Supreme Court monitored CBI inquiry against the party in power and official of the Delhi Government. We further, immediately demand the resignation of Shri Arvind Kejriwal for misusing public resources and his official position against the interest of the people of Delhi.


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